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[Guide] Asin/Azin: Special Class Guide

So yes, Apparently Muryang is a Special Class, one like no other before, and at the same time, YES, Muryang/Ryujin/Disciple is Azin's 2nd Job Advancement...

BUT!, the way I got it, is that KOG designed "Muryang" to be a Special Class, and Muryang is "Special" indeed.
Ill tell what is so special about it...

What's so Special??
-Muryang is indeed special because Muryang is both Azin's 2nd Job and his alternative class. Yes, guys Muryang is an Alternative class for Azin, an alternative for "Mujin" which is Azin's 1st job/basic job.

An alternative - meaning you can only choose one class at a time... (kindly sounds like main mp characters - elesis,lire,arme etc... but NO.) Azin's 2nd job muryang can only be implemented on your character if you didnt get the skills for Azin in his 1st job/basic job.

It is absolutely impossible for you to have ALL his skills from 1st job and 2nd job... so you only have to choose one (like Rin/Lin's Light and Dark Path, but not exactly paths)...

Your skill points (SP) will restrict you from getting all of the skills of Azin, but Hopes up for those who want to have the best of both worlds, this is where Hybrid-ing comes.

What is this Hybrid?
- Well, at first we said that Azin and Lime/Holy are the first ones to be Hybrid Characters having both AP+MP at the same time, but since the implementation of all MP characters to be changed to an almost Hybrid type (AP+MP) like Azin and Lime, We should drop that terminology for that concept being the term - "Hybrid". Now we will call Hybrid as Hybrid that means having some skills of the two classes, but of course not all... can you do that? (hohohoho)

Well Maximum Skill Points(SP) for Azin is 160 (as of his 2nd job) you can distribute these points to either of his classes, let's say 80 skill points for his 1st job and 80 for his 2nd job, after doing that, congratulations you are now a Hybrid Azin.. (LOL) but of course this depends on your free will.

Is this the Beginning of Skill Distributions?
- Well, if you have played a lot of games, like Dragon Nest, Perfect World, Ragnarok, FlyFF, and etc... These games are perfect examples for Skill Distribution games, meaning all characters are not able to get all of the Class' skills, and thus bringing more meaning to Skill Trees, and proper builds.

But no need to worry, AdventZ is here! We will soon come up with a way to make a Skill Calculators since (maybe) this is the beginning of Skill Distributions, and maybe you can share your builds in the forums HERE.

How to obtain Muryang Mission?
- Oh and one last little thing..... Muryang Mission can't be obtained in the shop...
either GP Mission or Cash Mission (as of in Korea), unfortunately Asin's Advancement Missions can only be obtained via "Events" - meaning the mission can only be obtained when an event including that is in pogress...

Like how the event in Muryang Event, Korea gave the muryang mission via "Stamp" Mini Game...


1st Job: All/Basic

1st Job: Active Skills

1st Job: Arts

2nd Job: All/Basic

2nd Job: Active Skills

2nd Job: Stances/Tuse


[Special] Wind Blow - Attacks the enemy with a straight Jab
[Special] Stream of Destruction - A current of  punches that sends enemies flying
[Special] Storm of Chaos - creates a Water sphere that intiates a water debuff that explodes on duration
[Special] Chute Meteor - Approaches the Enemies with Strong Kicks
[Special] The Emperor's Fury - Punches the Ground with compressed water in the hands and sends pillars of water from the floor
[Passive] Blue Dragon's Stance - Stances while doing a combo (XX)
[Passive] Black Tortoise' Stance - Stance while doing a Dash (>>XX)
[Passive] Red Bird's Stance - Stance while doing a Jump Attack (^ZXX)
[Passive] White Tiger's Stance - Stance whil doing a Critical Attack or Double Attack (ZZZZ>>XX)

[Passive] Cresent Sweep - does an cresent airstrike while in stance mode
[Passive] Jumping Cresent - flies in mid-air and (Z) to strike again downward
[Passive] Race Stance - Teleports with ablow to the nearest enemy (small range)

[Passive] Elemental reincarnation - At the cost of 2 mp bars can recover a small amount of HP
                                                     Dungeon: can be used below 50% PVP: can be used on Fatal
[Passive] Enhancing Techniques -
Puddle Water Sweltering: Increases the duration of the puddle.
Stifling Ocean: The wave goes through enemies.
Rainy Step: Super armor is applied for a time after the effect.

[Passive] Enhanced HP recovery - Recovers HP when a Stance attack is successful
[Passive] Enhanced MP recovery - Recovers MP when a Stance attack is successful
[Passive] CounterAttack - When you are hit by an enemy while in a stance, you will deliver a counterattack
[Passive] Teleport - When you are hit by an enemy while in a stance, you will be teleported away

[Technique] Ocean Call - Sends a ball of water in front
[Technique] Water Puddle - PVP: Slows Enemies Dungeon: Reduces Defense
[Technique] Rain Step - Ignore all Obstacles within a certain period of time
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