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[GCTH] Pre - Advancer

1. Pre - Advancer
Duration: 2/5/13 - 9/5/13

Limited/Normal Advancer Avatar set and its accessories are available in shop.

Playing as Zero in both dungeon and PVP gives you 50% Exp Bonus.

2. Coronation Accessories Return
Duration: 2/5/13 - 9/5/13

Celebrate the holiday with Coronation accessories, which are similar to Black Ellian Accessories but can be worn by any character.

There is also new decoration in the park for this week's event too.

That's all for this week.

PS. New semester is going to start soon, so I may not have time to do weekly update anymore.

PS2. And... a game that I found interesting made by Thai developer. (And that's why the accent is like that lol)

Well. Hope you guys like it.

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