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[GCTH] Canyon Ra and Pre - Dark Origin (Part I)

Before we begin, let me summarize last week's updates.

1. Captain Match Mode
2. R&B Dragon Necklace Sale

Both events have ended so I won't go into details.


This week's updates:

1. New Dungeon - Canyon Ra

New dungeon has been added. Its location is in Atum.

New crest - Desert's Tyrant

Dungeon Loading Screen

2. 1+1 Reinforcement Scroll/Stone Sales
Duration: 22/5/13 - 5/6/13

This promotion gives you additional package of which you buy.

3. Dice Board Event
Duration: 22/5/13 - 5/6/13

Dice Game has returned. Get Roll Dice Coin by logging-in each day, buying it in the shop, or staying online for extra tokens.

Rewards for completing each round:

Highest reward is Wings of Demon.

4. Pre - Dark Origin (Part I)
Duration: 22/5/13 - 5/6/13

Log-in to obtain rewards.

That's all for this week.

And my dungeon run
(Using Ryan to solo for the first time, and I'm not that skilled)
(And I'm not going to use Rin because she's too strong)
(And because Ryan has a lot of Hell Spear value)
(And because he is my favorite)
(And... Well, that's all :3)

(Please ignore a lot of fail moment in this video, though...)

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