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[GCTH] Advancer and Super Gachapon

1. New Class - Advancer

2. Oz's Mysterious Mission
Duration: 9/5/13 - 16/5/13

Follow the traces that Oz the Wizard left in his journal.

There are five parts in the mission. Each has confusing description that is needed to be deciphered
Players have to find the quest item dropped by monsters in the dungeon that the clue stated.

Rewards for completing all missions

Challenger Hero Signboard

3. Super Gachapon: Nerisa and Roboneko
Duration: 9/5/13 - 23/5/13

Nostalgic seal breaker sets have returned after several years off with brand new Super Gachapon!
It allows you to open more than one seal breaker sets during event period.


That's all for this week.

And here's my Advancer dungeon run. 
(Not the skill build I use alright)

(Fixed :D)

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