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[GCPH] Zero's 4th Job - Devastator and Mini Lulu Pet

Zero’s 4th Job – Devastator and Mini Lulu Pet

Zero’s 4th Job – Devastator

Duration: April 30
  • ○ Zero’s 4th Job, Devastator is released.
  • ○ Mission Quest will be available in Cash and GP
  • ○ Note that there will be no stat reset.

 Mini Game: Water Balloons!

Duration: May 7 ~ 21 (before maintenance)
  • ○ How to get water balloon:

  • ○ You will get 10 water balloons on your first log-in everyday.
  • ○ You will get 5 water balloons every 10 minutes with a maximum of 150 balloons per day.
  • ○ You may purchase water balloons at the Shop.
  • ○ How to play
    • Go to Menu and click Mini-Games button.

  • ○ Click the Grand Chase Water Balloon event.

  • ○ Grand Chase Water Balloon interface

  • ○ Use ← and → to move your character left and right.
  • ○ Point the reticule to a target/s and press Spacebar to throw a balloon.

  •  ○ Every time you hit a target, the bar will be filled. You will get the item once you filled the bar.

  • ○ To make the most out of your balloon and get more points, throw the balloon at multiple targets.

  • ○ Rewards:

  • ○ Unused water balloons will be deleted at the end of event period.

Limited Release – Mini Lulu Pet!

Duration: May 7 ~ 21 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Lulu Pet Box (Random) is available at the Shop during the event period.

  • ○ You can craft Pet Lulu Card by crafting all 5 different kinds of Mini-Lulu Card.

Mari’s Lab – Pat Lulu’s Costume

Duration: May 7 ~ 21 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Through Mari’s Lab, you may get Pet Lulu Costume card.
  • ○ Choose 4pcs of ingredients below:

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