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[GCPH] Monster Express 301, Gwen Pet Mission, and Referral Event

Monster Express 301, Gwen Pet Mission, and Referral Event

May 28th, 2013

Event Dungeon: Monster Express 301

   Duration: May 28 ~ June 11 (before maintenance)
   Getting a ticket
  • You need a ticket to enter this event dungeon. There are several ways.
    • Log-in everyday during the event period to get 3 Express Tickets for free.
    • Stamp attendance everyday during the event period to get 3 Express Tickets.
    • Log-in Saturdays and Sundays during the event period to get 2 more Express Tickets.
    • Dropped during dungeon (appropriate level) runs. Trial Forest and Trial Tower not included.
    • Ticket will randomly drop in PVP when you win.


  Golden Ticket
  • ○ When the room leader has a Golden Ticket, the party will have access to the Secret Stage.
 To get a Golden Ticket, kill a Golden Slime that randomly appear in the event dungeon.

  Dungeon level difficulty
  • For now, a total of 3 difficulties will be available – Normal, hard, very hard, hell.
  • Player’s status is modified equally regardless of level.

  • Purified Monster Express 301

  • ○ Condition: Clear the dungeon 100 times in any difficulty.

  • The higher the dungeon level, the higher chances of drop rate of special and unique reward.

You may craft Crew Uniform and Crew Accessories part using Craft/Break.

  Crew Uniform Set Effect
  • ○ Wear specific number of Crew Uniform Armor pieces to get additional effect.

 Referral Event

 Duration: May 28 ~ June 18 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Referral Events allows you to recruit friends to play Grand Chase and earn freebies for you and your recruited friends.
  • ○ Note on time range for the following:
    • Returning players are referred to users who have not logged-in since March 26, 2013
    • Active players are referred to players who have logged in since March 26, 2013.
    • New players are referred to players who have created a new account starting May 28, 2013 (after maintenance).
  Recruits Mechanics – if you’re a new player and has been recruited.
  1. After entering your nickname when you log-in for the first time, enter your recruiter’s nickname.   Returning players (who haven’t logged-in for the past 3 months) will receive this message as well.


   2. If you choose Do Not Link, you will miss the chance to get items.


    3. If you choose Link Later, you can meet your recruiter at the Park. Right click on your recruiter to link.   You may also register your recruiter on your next log-in.

   Recruiter’s Mechanics – if you’re an active player and recruited a new player.

   1. Click Messenger under Menu button.


  2. Click the Shaking Hands icon, click on your recruiter’s nickname (a check mark will appear) then click   Accept button to link to your reward.


  3. Recruiters can recruit to a maximum of 12 new/returning players. More recruits mean better rewards.

  Rewards List

  Note that the rewards here are applied during the event period.

  • ○ New Soulmate Accessories
    • Level 30
    • Epic Grade
    • Properties present

  Gwen Pet Mission

  Duration: May 28 ~ June 18 (before maintenance) 
  • ○ On your first log-in during the event period, you will receive [Event Mission] Gwen Pet.

  • ○  Work together with your recruit or recruiter to collect 88 pcs. of Ice Crystal.
To get Ice Crystals:
  • ○ Recruit a new player (new account) or be recruited by an existing player.
  • ○ Every time the recruit levels up (until level 35), both the recruit and recruiter will get Ice Crystals. Make sure your accounts are linked. This only applies to recruits with new accounts made on the start of this event. Returning accounts are not included.

  • ○ First log-in per day during event period.
  • ○ Stamp attendance during event period.

  • ○ Finish the mission and the recruit and recruiter will receive a reward.
  • ○ Pet Gwen skills are available at the Shop.

Lucky Lottery Event

Duration: May 28 ~ June 11 (before maintenance)
  • ○ To participate, you will need Lottery Ticket.
    • ○ You will get 1 free ticket on your first log-in during the event period.
   Purchase at the Shop

How to play:
  • ○ Click Home >> Mini-Game >> Lucky Gacha Lottery
  • ○ Select a character

  • ○ Click Yes button
  • ○ “Scratch” the card by hold-click your left mouse and drag it across the gray area of the ticket.

  • ○  When completely scratched, your reward will appear.

  • ○ An announcement will be made when you have won the lottery.
  • ○ Prize will be automatically inserted in your inventory.


  Armor pieces are per character

  • ○ Using Broken Dream, you can craft items:


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