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[GCPH] Hidden City of Cownat and Log-in for Ley's 4th Job!

Hidden City of Cownat and Log-in for Ley’s 4th Job!

Hidden City of Cownat

Duration: May 14
  • ○ New dungeon, Slipped Land of Cownat will be available in Archemedia continent.

  • ○ Dungeon Rewards

  • ○ A bonus item will be given to the character used when this dungeon is cleared. This is available only to this dungeon.
  • ○ New Missions will be enrolled when players reach level 83 or 84. Players who have reached level 83 up will be enrolled after maintenance.
  • ○ New Title
Return to Cownat

  • ○ New monster cards

  • ○ Clearing this dungeon provides Level 90 Supply Box.

 Ley’s Summons at the Park!

 Duration: May 14 ~ 28 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Ley’s summons Haunt, Mary and Zeeves will be at the park.

Log-in for Ley’s 4th Job!

 Duration: 14 ~ 28 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Get extra gift when you log-in for certain number of days during the event period.

  • ○ Note that number of log-ins are accumulated and doesn’t necessarily need to be consecutive log-ins.
  • ○ [Avatar] Void Empress Set will be available for crafting through the Crafting System.

 Reserve Ley’s 4th Job!

 Duration: May 14 ~ May 28 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Reservation package will be available during the event period.

  • ○ Mission can be enrolled after May 23 maintenance.

Limited Release – The Twins Anklet

  • ○ May 20 8:00am ~ 21 8:00am
  • ○ May 23 ~ 28 (before maintenance)
  • ○ The Twins Anklet (character restricted) will be available at the shop during the event period.


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