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[GCKR] 05.23.13 New Revenge of Talin Update & Elemental Showdown Event

Patch Notes:

-Revenge of talin event dungeon now drops a +1 life drop in the dungeon...
-More rewards will be given for completing the dungeon
-even in fail rewards will be given.

[New Events]
- Elemental Showdown Event (May 23 ~ June 5)
- Queen of Serdin's Showdown  (May 23 ~ June 5)
- Gemini and Taurus Anklet Sale  (May 23 ~ May 30)
- Sealed Bead 2+1 Sale Event  (May 25 ~ May 26)

[Ongoing Events]
- Revenge of Talin Event (May 16 ~ May 30)
- march GC Events (May 16 ~ May 30)


NEW Revenge of Talin Event

During the Event period +1 Life will be dropped in the dungeon.
More Rewards will be given for Clearing the dungeon
- Ordo Coordi box
- Random Box

Rewards will also be given even in fail of the dungeon

Sealed Bead 2+1 Sale
During the Event period, whenever you buy sealed beads you will be given an additional sealed bead as reward.

Elemental Showdown Event

Queen of Serdin Showdown Event

Was relieved by the new revenge of talin update.. Go KOG!

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