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[GCKR] 05.16.13 patch Notes - Revenge of Talin and March GC Events

Patch Notes:

[New Events]
- Revenge of Talin Event (May 16 ~ May 30)
- March GC Weekend Event (May 17 ~ May 19)
- March GC Event Black Ellia Ring and Mask Encore (May 16 ~ May 30)

- Character Portal access Change

New Event Dungeon:  Revenge of Talin

You can access the new event dungeon: Revenge of Talin by using a "Smart Key"

How to Obtain a Smart Key?
- During the Event Period, you will be given 3 smart keys everytime you log in.
- SmartKeys can also be obtained in the Dungeon or in PVP

What is the Revenge of Talin Dungeon?
 - The New Dungeon is a Flight shooting game, where you need to evade and shoot enemies attack and destroy them to win the dungeon. The Dungeon can be accessed only 2 persons per room

Basic keys - up, down, left, right
Shoot - Z Button
Bomb/ Power - X Button
*The Bomb / power can only be used 3 times every life, or if obtained dropped by an enemy

Type of Attacks can also be changed using the "Spacebar" with a maximum of 2 different kinds of attack

Character's Death and Resurrection:
- A Character will die if it is hit a single time by the enemies' bullets
- After Resurrection the character will be invulnerable of attacks during the first 2 seconds
- The Resurrection is disabled in the dungeon, therefore you can only play the dungeon with 3 lives

What are the Rewards?
- Reinforcement Booster
- Special reinforcement Booster
- Socket Jewels
- Type 1
- Type 2
-Type 3
- Type 4
- Type 5
- Type 6

When you clear the Dungeon, you will be given one final rewards randomly

How to Obtain the "Code-B" Pet?
-In order to Produce the Code-B Pet, you need to get the Code-B Mark 1, Code-B mark 2, Code-B Mark 3 pets
- Code-B Pets will be Character Bound

Gameplay is still Uploading....

March GC event

Loading Screens

Have a Wonderful time Guys...


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