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[NAGC] 05/07/2013 Patch Notes

Good day chasers, here's the 05.07.2013 update. Enjoy! :)
~~ Kireaji


·         Difficulty
Normal: 80 – 82
Hard: 81 – 83
Very Hard: 82 – 84 
Champion: 83 – 85
·         New Drops
Barakhufu Upper Armor
Barakhufu Lower Armor
Barakhufu Cloak
Barakhufu Mask
·         New Missions
Code Name: Ra Canyon
Two swords?! Boomerang?!
Sand Slashing Sword
Infinite Challenge 15
Infinite Challenge 16
Lightning Speed-Ra Canyon
Stop the bombing!!!
Infinite Challenge 17
Carte of the Sandstorm
*Missions are registered once players reach level 80 – 81
·         New Crest
Desert’s Tyrant (Attack +83, Defense +83, Vitality +83)
-Clear Ra Canyon in Champion mode 55 times 
(28 times if you have a crest from previous dungeon)
·         New Monster Cards
Hooded Jackal
Hooded Hound
Hooded Crow
Hooded Scorpion

Update #2: VIP Renewal

·        VIP button
VIP button is now located under the main menu
·         VIP Rewards
Following items are available for purchase:
Crown Star Box (Attack 300, Defense 150, Vitality 150)
Olympus’ Wings Box (Attack 300, Defense 150, Vitality 150)

Each item cost 1 VIP badge.

Event #1: [Ra Canyon] Release Special

5/7 – 5/21 until maintenance
·         Ra Canyon emblem will be activated in all characters, dungeons, and PvP:

-Item drop rate increased by 50%
-Monster card drop rate increased by 50%
*Mission items drop rate remains the same

Event #2: [Miss Chase Pageant] Winner!

5/7 – 5/21 until maintenance
·         Mari, the winner of Miss Chase Pageant 2013 will enjoy following perks:
-Additional 30% off from all cash items currently in shop
-Skill boost up +10% in dungeons
·         Winners Ceremony
Top 3 will be displayed in Park wearing Barakhufu armor. 

Event #3: Rin’s 2nd Job Pre-Event

5/7 – 5/21 until maintenance
-Log in everyday to receive [Rin's Seal Amulet] x1 in your mailbox
-Collect the amulets to create following items:
·         [Cash] Awakened Mission
·         Awakened Avatar Set
·         Awakened Limited Avatar Set
*Awakened Mission can be registered after Rin’s 2nd job release on 5/21

Sale #1: Rin’s 2nd Job Pre-Sale

5/7 – 5/21 until maintenance
To celebrate the release of Awakened, 4 packages will be on sale for limited time:
·         Awakened Armor Set Package
·         Awakened Limited Armor Set Package
·         Awakened Armor Set + Weapon Package
·         Awakened Limited Armor Set + Weapon Package
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