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[Notice] Asin Special Class: Muryang

Hi Guys!, So Asin got an upgrade and Im just wondering why it was called a Special Class by KOG..

Yes guys, Its called a Special Class, I dont know if the 2nd job/class is any different than like what KOG said that it was a Special Class?.. What do they mean by Special Class? Do they want to point out that it's not gonna be a 2nd job? Will it be an alternate job for the "said" Perfect character - Asin/Azin and so as Lime/Holy..

Yes, in Korea it is called the Muryang, ahah As of now I dont know what it means... but im guessing its some blend word of water and master. as Mul/Mur is Water in korean.. hahah anywhoo, Its gonna be on may 2, haha wondering if it will have a preparation events, and uhmmmm... KOG can I ask??.. what happened to Mari's ST being implemented after the Kounat Collapse??...


Anywhoo, looks like we'll wait for Mari's ST a little More, and head on to the Phenomenal development of Jin's Rival - Asin.

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