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[News] Development team Interview 6.0

Hello, Im Mr. White

Im here now with the Development team up to the last minute of the edge of the story of the Last dungeon in Archemedia : The kounat's Collapse. with some story to give you from the development team.

1. Can you tell us the Story of the Last Dungeon: Kounat Collapse.
well, up until now the story of the final dungeon needs to be finalized
Dealing mainly in the pillars of the story of kounat, Bardinar especially
which focuses the story to Astaroth, Grandiel Kaxias, Erknard Seighart, the Highlander Knights, and mari.. etc.... a lot of interesting stories to emerge...
oh... Seighart Fans.... may expect.. ohh... *wiping tears off*

2. Something important to be cleared out about the last dungeon??

to play the dungeon, you must observe first the monsters carefully, doing specific movements applies to how lethal the monsters can be while in the dungeon so it affects the gameplay. It is crucial for players to learn the patterns of the monsters first

3. What can be the fun part of the last dungeon?

we developed this dungeon to be more of an Evasive action type of dungeon rather than just normally you need to just attack, attack, and attack..
As I have said above The monsters deliver lots of deadly atatcks.
Its never easy to avoid attacks. so plan ahead.
So mainly an observant one can clear the dungeon easier than those who have superior user controls..

4. Saw this for a moment... who is this Huge guy???

welll, its pratically still a secert for Grand Chase players, but more importantlu just say that expect large monsters, actually large AND beautiful, so the Avsion battle begins...

We are currently working on the image of Astaroth's (dad?) ahhah  and are subject to change for the big guy

5. What are the rewards for this dungeon?

Well, for Finishing all of the Stories, the rewards should be sweeter...
talking about, Avatars, Armors, accesories, etc...
everytime you clear the dungeon, you recieve rewards too..
Dungeon Clear Reward System will be Implemented
Heroic already adopted this system

5. any Last words??

The main part of this dungeon is the monster patterns and resurrections, and storytelling.

Grand Chase: Next Dungeon


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