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[NAGC] 04/23/2013 Patch Notes

Long time, no update... Glad to be back :).

~~ Kireaji

Grand Chase Patch Notes 


* The Nightmare Circus Returns!!! (4/23 ~ 5/7)

 - Players will receive 3 Nightmare Circus Tickets per day by mail and one additional ticket for checking attendance.
 - Collect additional Nightmare circus tickets by winning in PvP or running appropriate level dungeons. 
 - Unlock the exclusive "Infernal Carnival" crest by completing this dungeon the required number of times during the event.

* Gacha Set Encore: Evil Keiser + DK-Mark 3 pet. (4/23 ~ )

 - The Evil Keiser Gacha set has returned to Seal Breaker Gacha.

 - This set is now available for all characters and will only be available for a limited time.
 - Complete the entire set and receive a Royal VIP Exchange coupon and DK-Mark 3 pet. 

* Miss Chase Pageant!!! (4/23 ~ 5/7)

 - Gather Lovely Candy by defeating monsters all throughout Bermesiah. 
 - Give your Lovely Candy to your character of choice in the park.
 - The character that receives the most Lovely Candy will receive a special reward one the event ends.

* New Accessory: The Taurus Anklet. (4/23 ~ 5/7)

 - The Taurus Anklet is now available for a limited time in the GC shop. 
 - This anklet provides a unique visual effect once fully upgraded.

- All those who have purchased [1+1] Extreme Skill Key during weekend sale from 4/19~4/21 will receive Extreme Skill Keys x2 in their mailbox.  We apologize for the mistake made on our end.

- For those who log in before 4/30 will receive Seal Breaker Scroll x5 as a reward from Facebook Trailer Share event.
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