Patch Notes
Contents & Events
•    Alcubra 5th Dungeon:  Deserted Town
•    Wedding Coordis (Permanent on sale: 4/9-4/23)
•    Arquemeece’s Reinforcement Package (4/9-4/23)

  • Arquemeece's Package 2
  • Arquemeece's Package 3
  • Wedding Ring
  • Arquemeece's Package 1

  • Bug Fixes
    •    Dio’s weapon now visible on Gacha preview
    •    Zero’s skill : Loss – Fire Force added as preceding skill
    •    In Sanctum of Destruction, Gaikoz’s attack angle has been modified
    •    Correction made on Hero Dungeon’s difficulty
    •    Locking dungeon difficulty now enabled in Wyzard’s Labyrinth
    •    Lime’s counter cooldown reducing skill modified from Lv1: 7 sec / Lv2: 8 sec to Lv1: 8 sec / Lv2: 7 sec.
    •    Jin’s skill: Bagua Trigram – defense frame increased by 100%
    •    Particle added on Rin’s basic combo attack
    •    Geas 4th skill – snowy effect added
    •    Missing 4th bar skills re-implemented
    •    4/5 Gorgos Server Down
    -everyone who has logged in on 4/5 received Hero’s Bullion x2 in their inventory.
    •    Seal Breaker Scrolls Glitch
    -those who have placed their SB Gacha items in their warehouse and played SB Gacha on [auto release] mode have experienced a glitch where scrolls are keep being used without the chance of winning more items.
    -scrolls that were lost due to this glitch were returned.