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[IDGC] Gacha And Many More

Update Grand Chase 4 April 2013

Im So sorry about last week, i can't write IDGC Update because im so busy
but Now , i will write the IDGC Update for this week and last week

[New Update]
  • Event Dungeon : Monster Train 301 (28 March 2013 - 11 April 2013)
  • Dice Minigame (28 March 2013 - 11 April 2013)
  • New Item  : Aries Anklet(28 March 2013 - 11 April 2013)
  • New Dungeon : Gorge Of RA
  • 15th Gacha : Kether
  • Berseker Pre-Event (Zero 3rd Job)
  • New Avatar : Chronos Watch Avatar
  • Login Event
  • Zero and Ley Balancement
Monster Train 301 (28 March 2013 - 11 April 2013)

This Event Dungeon was back 
to enter this dungeon , you must have a ticket Train Ticket xD
Express Ticket
and to enter the hidden stage, you must have the golden ticket,
slay the Golden slime or Login at Saturday and Sunday to get the golden ticket
and the Reward is

Cabin Crew Armor Set (Male)

Cabin Crew Armor Set (Female)

Dice Minigame(28March2013-11April 2013)

to play this minigame, you mus have a coin
you will gain 1 coin at login an 1 coin every 1 hour (max 5 coin each day)
Finish 22 Lap and get the Grand Prizez

Blitzchen Wing Chest

It's Look like this wing just only for 1 Character

Aries Anklet

 New Zodiac Anklet

Aries Anklet
Aries Anklet Effect

New Dungeon : Gorge Of RA

Let's Ride the Copter xD

New Card
Image Keterangan
Hooded Hound
HP Absorb+1659
Hooded Jackal
Defense +130
Hooded Crow
 EXP gain +20%
Hooded Scorpion
Vitality +141
Fatal Chance Attack +3.74%

New Title

New Gacha : Kether

and The Gacha Pet is Kether

Berseker Pre-Event

This Week  There are new item in Shop
that item is Berseker Package

New Avatar : Chronos Watch 


Image Avatar Name
Chronos Watch Avatar Head(Lire, Ryan)
Chronos Watch Avatar Upper (Lire, Ryan)
Chronos Watch Avatar Lower (Lire, Ryan)
Chronos Watch Avatar Gloves (Lire, Ryan)
Chronos Watch Avatar Shoes (Lire, Ryan)
Chronos Watch Avatar Cloak (Lire, Ryan)


 Login Event

Same As Last Month but with another reward
Lime Mission Cash

Need 8  Proof of Hero
Zero Mission Cash

Need 8 Proof of Hero

Zero and Ley Balance

From Now, Zero Skill Tree will be change like this
Zero Wanderer
Zero Craver

And now Ley Summon : Gargoyle has a Timer

And This is for This week and Last week
See you Next Week
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