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[GCTH] Desert Thief Village

1. New Dungeon - Desert Thief Village

EXP +50% when playing this dungeon during 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Encor Boxes
Duration: 25/4/13 - 9/5/13

Encor Gold/Ultimate Boxes are sold during the event period. Each type will give you different kinds of rewards.

Encor Gold Box

Encor Ultimate Box

Gather four small Blitzchen to craft an original or a shadow version by using Mari's Lab.

Gather three original Blitzchens to craft a shadow version.

And lastly, new dungeon run with Mari.

My other records for Champion Mode solo:
Ryan - 17.06
Lass - 13.19
Rin - 5.46

That's all for this week.
Next week will be Coronation Accessories and Pre - Advancer

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