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[GCTH] Avatar, Kether, and Easter Egg Event

1. Rin's 4th class - Avatar

Enjoy the power of the goddess' reincarnation.

2. Kether Gacha
Duration: 11/4/13 - 25/4/13

New gacha has arrived. Test your luck with it.

3. VIP Event
Duration: 11/4/13 - 25/4/13

Spend cash to obtain Pet Mary Jane

1. Easter Egg Event
Duration: 18/4/13 - 25/4/13

Receive Cure/Surprise Egg Mission at the first log-in.

Collect 12 of each type to obtain Easter Egg Avatar and Accessories.

Once you have completed the missions, you can continue collecting Cure/Surprise Egg. They can be opened for random rewards.

Rewards for Cure Egg

Rewards for Surprise Egg

Check attendance once log-in everyday to obtain rewards.

Note: All items related to the event, except Egg accessories, will be deleted once the event is over.

2. Pre - Desert Thief Village
Duration: 18/4/13 - 25/4/13

Nothing but this lame emblem in dungeon.

Lastly, my Rin's Dawn Avatar dungeon run.

That's all for the previous weeks.

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