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[GCPH] The Shadow Princess and Roboneko Gacha Redux

Ley 3rd Job Release: Shadow Princess

Duration: April 16 ~ April 23 (before maintenance)

Details: Ley’s 3rd Job: SHADOW PRINCESS Mission items are available in the Item Shop.

Ley Skill Tree Reset

Duration: April 16

Ley’s skill tree will reset after the April 16 maintenance.
Note: Ley’s 4th special skill and MP skill are not included in the reset.
New Dungeon: Desert Raiders’ Hideout

New Dungeon: Desert Raiders’ HideoutDetails:

The 5th dungeon of Atum will be available
Dungeon Level

Epic or rare grade Level 82~83 Immortal Sphinx items are dropped in this dungeon.
New missions will be available when you reach Level 79
Level 79 characters or higher will automatically receive the said missions after the April 16 maintenance.
Dungeon rewards are as follow:

New Title: The Scorpion King
New Monster Cards

Roboneko Gacha Redux

Duration: April 16 ~

To know more about GACHA and how to use it, CLICK HERE to read the details.
Aside from random Gacha armor/accessory piece, you can also acquire a bouncing Roboneko Pet on this Gacha.

Roboneko Skills will now be available in the Item Shop

Monday Sale Event: Taurus Anklet

Duration: April 22, 9:00am ~ April 23 (before maintenance)

Details: The following Taurus Anklet will be on sale during the event period.

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