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[GCPH] Pre - Shadow Princess Emblem and New Summer Avatars

Pre-Shadow Princess and New Summer Avatars

Pre – Shadow Princess Emblem

Duration: April 10 ~ April 23 (before maintenance)

  • The Shadow Princess Emblem will appear during dungeon runs and PvP matches.
Buff: A/D/V +10%

Read on for more news and events.

Stamp for Ley

Duration: April 10 ~  April 23 (before maintenance)

  • Stamp your attendance during the event duration to get reward.
  • Go to Menu > Minigame > Ley’s Present Stamp Time to access the reward.
  • The reward will depend on the accumulated daily log-in during the event period.
  • The Shadow Princess Mission [Cash] can only be enrolled after the maintenance on April 16th.
  • The [Summon Scroll] Haunt will be deleted after the event period.

Ley Limited Edition Package

Duration: April 10 ~ April 16 (before maintenance)

  • The following items will be available at the Item Shop during the event period.

New Summer Avatars: Day & Night Beach Avatar Sets

Duration: April 10 ~ May 28 (before maintenance)

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