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[GCPH] New Dungeon and Zero's Pre - 4th Job Packages

New Dungeon and Zero’s Pre-4th Job Avatar Packages

New Dungeon – Pyramid of Seth

Duration: April 30 (before maintenance)
  • A new dungeon – Pyramid of Seth will be released.

New missions will be enrolled when you reach level 82 or 83.
  • Players who already reached above level 82 will be enrolled after maintenance.
  • New title: Osiris’ Gunship


  • New Monster Card:

Limited Release – Zero’s Pre-4th Job Avatar Packages

Duration: April 30 ~ May 14 (before maintenance)

Player can purchase only once a day during the event period.

Pre-Zero’s 4th Job Events

Duration: April 30 ~ May 14 (before maintenance)
  • Check your Mailbox to get event mission box during event period.
  • Unopened box and unfinished mission will be deleted after event period.

Limited Release – Ellia Anklet

Duration: April 30 ~ May 7 (before maintenance)
  • Ellia Anklet will be sold at the Shop during the event period.

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