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[GCKR] 4.25.13 Patch Notes - VP Point System and Quiz Bingo Event

New Event:
  • VP Points Updating event (April 25 ~ May 2)
  • Quiz Bingo Event (April 25 ~ May 2)
  • Reinforcement Stone production event (April 25 ~ May 2)
  • Season 5 Legend Coordi Sale (April 25 ~ May 2)
Ongoing Events:
  • GC Midterm Trials Event (April 18 ~ May 2)


VP Point System Update Guide:
1. What is VP point?
-VP Points are extra points that you can earn by using cash in game, Anyone Playing Grand Chase can avail this system.

2. How to Obtain VP Points?
-Today April 25, we giving free VP Points. so other than that you have to follow the normal way of obtaining the VP Points... So please dont miss the chance of this event.

3. How to use the VP points?
-You can obtain VP Points by obtaining it in Events held by the server.
Currently you can obtain VP Points in Dio the Errand Boy Mini Game and Special Dice Gameboard Event

[Picture will be translated later]
Above: Users can check their VP status in the interface as shown above...

[Picture will be translated later]
Above: You can buy items using the VP Points in the cash shop by clicking the "Buy using VP" Option

[Picture will be translated later]
Above: The Item you will buy will be shown with the details of the transaction, whether you lack VP Points and How much VP Points are required.

Of Course: If you lack VP Points you will not be able to buy the item

[Picture will be translated later]
Above: If transaction is successful, You will be shown the above image that your transaction is successful.


Quiz Bingo Event
[Picture will be translated Later]

 Reinforcement Stone Production Event
[Picture will be translated Later]

VP Points Event
[Picture will be translated Later]

 Cool stuff going on there... MUST PLAY KGC!!!

Chow  guys!

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