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[Event] AdventZ: Forum Party!

 event period: date up to July 31

 -As a thank you to our beloved fans and rich community for the undying support and commitment in staying with us as we go through our first year of serving updates and infos the best way possible.
We are proud to announce, we will give rewards to our best supporters.

on july 31 (event period) at exactly 6:00pm, the top 3 most active users in the forums who'll have the most number of posts will win:

Top 1 = 500php
Top 2 = 350php
Top 3 = 200php

100php for the Top Thread
100php for the Top Topic Starter

-rewards will be given via PM on the forums, some time after the announcement of the official winners.

- Forum Moderators will be on patrol on the forums in case any event participants, will be violating standard FORUM RULES, meaning - no SPAMMING of posts.
- Forum Moderators, Community Managers, Staff are not allowed to join the event.
- All event participants are required to fill in the "region" field in their respective profiles
- Legitimate winners will only be valid if the warning bar on their respective profiles are not RED or Banned.
- For Grand Chase Philippines Players only
-For the Top Thread, only Threads Created within April 30 ~ July 30 are valid...

If you dont know where the forums are click HERE

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