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[Notice] Ley's 4th job Teaser Poster

annyeong haseyo yeoreobeun.. tedanhi kamsahamnida for all of you who still stuck with us even though we have late updates these past few days.. im very sorry about that for CharmSprite is on a Vacation and is having a hard time updating you guys and mangaing AdventZ, but these past few days AdventZ admins have had the most fun managing the group while im gone... hahah but at least, Ill be having you updated more often from now on as for (I think) tomorrow I will get to go to home from a vacation.. ^^v anywhoo really very excited about the upcoming Ley's 4th job.. ahh Ill have some teasers and spoilers for all of you a little it later.. so stay tuned and stay at the edge of your seats for CharmSprite will be BACK!


anywhoo here's some of Ley's 4th Job Spoiler
see that picture above???.. simple math
4th job + New Summon + Jeeves = Jeeves is 4th job's New Summon

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