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[News] Ley's 4th Job Skill Spoilers

Hello everybody Lewls.. so yet again another spoiler... may we remind you that this is just a prototype and ideas, concepts, names, are subject to change and is not final, but may we assure that the final will be more or less close to precise. ^^v, Well, Ive decided to stop my vacation for having the reason thatI can't leave AdventZ hanging loose when cool stuff are releasing these past few days, and I think I cant manage to resist the excitement, just like this information, this was released february 28 by Netmarble and its already late, but what the heck here it is guys!!... cool stuff guys Just cool stuff...

[Upgrade] Basic Combo Addition: Basic Combo Upgrade
[Upgrade] Combo Application: ↓ Z while doing a combo and causes the black spheres to explode
[Upgrade] Jump Application: ↓ Z while doing jump attack to quickly descend
[Upgrade] Dash Application: → dash upgrade application
Summon: Jeeves
Jeeves: Active
[Special] Jeeves Lv1: Summon Jeeves
[Special] Jeeves Lv2: Jeeves Damage Increased
Jeeves: Passive
[Upgrade] Jeeves Speed Lv1: Jeeves Speed increase
[Upgrade] Jeeves Speed Lv2: Jeeves Speed Increases More effective than Lv1
[Upgrade] Jeeves Summon Time Lv1: Jeeves Building Tine Increased
[Upgrade] Jeeves Summon Time Lv2: Jeeves Building Time Increased More effective than Lv1
Jeeves: Abilities
[Technique] Jeeves 1st Special Lv1: X ← Jeeves First Special
[Technique] Jeeves 1st Special Lv2: Jeeves First Special Damage Increases more effective than Lv1
[Technique] Jeeves 2nd Special Lv1: X ↓ Jeeves 2nd Special.
[Technique] Jeeves 2nd Special Lv2: Jeeves 2nd Special increases damage and Height more effective than Lv1
[Technique] Jeeves 3rd Special Lv1: X → Jeeves Ultimate Skill - Jeeves Charges forward using his shoulders to shove enemies.
[Technique] Jeeves 3rd Special Lv2: Increases Damage
[Upgrade] Jeeves 4th Special Lv1: Automatically activates - Jeeves Command Stiffness.
[Upgrade] Jeeves 4th Special Lv2: Increased Damage
Summon: Phil
Phil: Active
[Special] Summon 2nd Phil: Summons forward the 4 species to attack
[Technique] Summon 3rd phil: Lasers fire from top of characters
Phil: Passive
[Upgrade] Summon Buff: Buffs the summoned pet.
[Upgrade] Summon AP Decrease: AP consumption requirement reduction when summoning a pet
[Upgrade] Random Summon: Randomly summons any pet on the start of every game
[Special] 1st Skill: an equator floats into the air to hit.
[Special] 2nd Skill: Rushes Forward to remove a characters senses
[Special] 3rd Skill: causes a land Drop to deal massive damage

Special Skills:
[Special Technique] Causes haste to enemies to deal massive destruction and causes the earth to quake and the land to seperate

what I said?? Cool stuff aint it???

come one Let's Discuss it HERE

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