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[NAGC] 03/13/2013 Patch Notes

Ley’s 3rd Job Evoker Update (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         Ley Mission available in shop
[Cash] Evoker Mission
[GP] Evoker Mission

  • ·         Evoker Emblem activated in PvP and dungeons
-Bonus 30% EXP boost when playing as Ley
-Bonus 30% EXP boost when playing with Ley in a same dungeon/PvP
-EXP boost do not stack

  • ·         Coordi Packages on sale

Garnet Evoker Coordi Package
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Helm
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Upper Armor
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Lower Armor
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Gloves
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Shoes
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Cloak

Onyx Evoker Coordi Package
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Helm
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Upper Armor
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Lower Armor
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Gloves
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Shoes
[Skin] Onyx Evoker Cloak

Onyx Evoker Coordi Accessory Package
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Circlet
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Wings
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Stompers
[Skin] Garnet Evoker Shields

  • ·         Evoker Support Box

-Log in during the event period for a free Evoker Support Box!
-Any unused box will be deleted after the event.

Seamus Coordi Set (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         Seamus Coordi Set is available in shop. 
Fionn’s Legendary Coordi Package
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Helm
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Upper Armor
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Lower Armor
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Gloves
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Shoes
[Skin] Fionn's Legendary Cloak

Dice Event (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         Get a game board and a dice when you log in during the event period.
  • ·         Stay online to earn more coins! 1 coin for every hour you stay logged in – max. 5 coins per day.
  • ·         Each day purchase up to 10 coins from the shop
  • ·         Game board and unused coins will be deleted after the event is over.

Monster Card Mix Event (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         Monster Card Mix will be open during the event
-use low-level cards to create more powerful card!
  • ·         Premium Card Packages available in shop

Reinforcement Event (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         Reinforcement rate will be increased during the following hours:
-Mon-Fri 6PM-7PM PST
-Sat & Sun 1PM-2PM PST

New Cordelia Gacha (3/12-3/26)

  • ·         New Cordelia set and Cordelia Pet now available through Seal Breaker Gacha!

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