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[NAGC] 02/27/13 Patch Note

Grand Chase Patch Notes

*Moonlight Village Update
  • Event dungeon entry ticket "Moonlight Pearl" available in the shop
  • Unlimited Champion dungeon during the event period
  • 2 Mission scrolls for logging in during the event period:
    Lotus the Innkeeper's True Identity
    Moonlight Village's Secret
  • Following item will be given once as a gift. More chance to earn this item when you clear Moonlight Village in Hell Mode:
    GP Random Prop Reset Form
  • Log in everyday during the event period to receive following items for free:
    Moonlight Village Ring Chest
    Moonlight Pearl
  • After the event, Moonlight Pearls will turn into Gems
  • After the event, all event items still in the mailbox will be deleted.
*Ley's 3rd Job Pre-Event
  • Ley's 3rd Job Pre-Event Mission when logging in for the first time during the event period
  • Mission detail: get 50 Familiar's Marbles
  • Familiar's Marbles will be deleted on 3/12
  • Mission Reward: Ley's Package includes

    [Event] Ley Mission
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Helm
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Upper Armor
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Lower Armor
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Gloves
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Shoes
    [Skin]Lady Gothique Cloak
    Lady Gothique Ultima
  • Ley Set Packages available in the shop:
    Red Crimson River Coordi Uniform
    Dark Crimson River Coordi Uniform
  • Red Crimson River Coordi Uniform Contents:
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Helm
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Upper Armor
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Lower Armor
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Gloves
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Shoes
    [Skin] Crimson River Chroma Cloak
  • Dark Crimson River Coordi Uniform Contents:
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Helm
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Upper Armor
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Lower Armor
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Gloves
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Shoes
    [Skin] Crimson River Sombre Cloak
*Kumi Armor Set on sale (2/26~3/12)
  •  Coordi item set that contains the following:
    Kumi Helm
    Kumi Upper Armor
    Kumi Lower Armor
    Kumi Gloves
    Kumi Shoes
    Kumi Cloak
*Pisces Anklet on sale (2/26~3/26)
  • Pisces Anklets on sale for 3500 cash 

*Bug Fixes of 02/27/2013 Patch
  • Unusual increase in MP recovery when changing weapons - fixed
  • When using certain MP recovering (or reducing) skills, under some circumstances player's MP recovery stat was applied instead - fixed
  • The buff that boosts MP recovery stacks - fixed
  • In a waiting room, the dungeon reward stays the same even when the difficulty setting changes - fixed
  • After creating a room for a Hero Dungeon the game won't start even though the player meets the requirement - fixed
  • Action bug regarding MP recovery rate - fixed

Kireaji :))
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