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[GCPH] Mirror of Illusions and Raccon Tornado Redux

Mirror of Illusions & Raccoon Tornado Redux

New Heroic Dungeon: Mirror of Illusions
Duration: March 5
• The new heroic dungeon will be available in the Archemedia Continent.
• You can clear the stages of this dungeon up to three times per day.
• Complete all 30 stages in order to receive new rewards: Lv. 80 Legend Armors, Weapon
• You can choose one item from: Lv. 80 Legend Armors, Weapon, Accessories and Earrings
• Dungeon Level: 75

Mirror of Illusions Mission Scroll
Duration: March 5 ~ March 26 (before maintenance)
• Upon reaching a certain stage, a mission scroll will be sent to your mailbox to get bonus reward.

• Each successive mission will be enrolled automatically.

Raccoon Tornado Redux

Duration: March 5 ~ March 19 (before maintenance)

• Raccoon Tornado mini-game will be re-opened.
• Raccoon Tornado Coin will be available in the Item Shop.

• Log-in daily to receive Raccoon Tornado Coin 1 pc in your mailbox.
• Rewards are as follows:

• A Lucky 7 Mode will be activated when you get Mysterious Potion (L) 5 times.
• Raccoon Tornado Coins will be deleted after March 19 (after maintenance).

Seamus Pet Skill
Duration: March 5
• Seamus Pet Skill will be available in the shop.

Seamus Package – Limited Sale
Duration: March 5 ~ March 12 (before maintenance)
• The Seamus Limited Package will be available at the Item Shop.
• This is an Armor, Level 40, Epic Grade.

Pisces Anklet Limited Sale
Duration: March 4, 8:00AM ~ March 12 (before maintenance)
• The Pisces Anklet will be on sale during the event period.

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