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[IDGC] Pre-Twilight and Many More

Update Grand Chase 14 Maret 2013

Hello , Im back with a good news Yeah My Feeling was Right xD  this week  so many Update here
so,Let's check this out,

[New Event]
  • Mari Laboratory
  • New Dungeon : Desert Bandit Village
  • Twillight Pre-Event
  • Login Event I Love this Event xD
  • New Dungeon and PvP IU
  • New Avatar : Evening Beach 

Mari Laboratory

Bring the 4 little Blitzchen to This Laboratory and it will Evo xD to King Blitzchen or Shadow King Blitzchen

 Little Blitzchen (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)


Blitzchen King and Shadow Blitzchen King

You can Get that Blitzchen By buy the Box at Shop #Let's Burn Your Money xD
Blitzchen Golden Box and Blitzchen Ultimate Box

If You Buy Blitzchen Golden Box, You Will get this Item Bellow
Blitzchen Avatar Chest (7 Hari)
Pet Red Blitzchen Card
Pet Green Blitzchen Card
Pet Yellow Blitzchen Card
Pet Blue Blitzchen Card
Pet Lesley Card
+12 Reinforce Scroll
+13 Reinforce Scroll
+14 Reinforce Scroll
And If You Buy Blitzchen Ultimate Box, You will get this item bellow
I Buy This 3 times and I get 3 Blitzchen Avatar Chest (Permanent) T_T
Blitzchen Avatar Chest (Permanent)
Pet Blitzchen King Card
Pet Blitzchen Black King Card
Pet Lesley Card
+15 Reinforce Scroll
+16 Reinforce Scroll
+17 Reinforce Scroll

Blitzchen Avatar Set (Ley)

New Dungeon : Desert Bandit Village 
I hate this Dungeon so much

Twillight Pre-Event  At Last, He's Coming with his New Job xD

This Week Twilight Reservation Package is avaiable at Shop # Cash Item again T_T

Twilight Reservation Package

and now, Dio ST will be change like this

Login Event

Same as last month,But with difference reward , Here the New Reward

Lime Mission Cash

Need 8 pieces Proof of Hero
Skill Open Key

Need 6 pieces Proof of Hero

New Dungeon & PvP IU

Dungeon Room
  1. Room  Setup
  2. Equip.
  3. Menu.
  4. Leave.
  5. Dungeon Info.
  6. Difficulty and items
  7. Mission.
  8. Pilih Dungeon
  9. Start /Ready
  10. Invite.
  11. Chat Box.
PVP Room
  1. Room  Setup.
  2. Equip.
  3. Menu. 
  4. Leave. 
  5. Mode. 
  6. Change Map .
  7. Gamemode.
  8. Item Mode.
  9. Side.
  10. Start/Ready. 
  11. Invite.
  12. Chatbox. 

New Avatar : Evening Beach Avatar

Image Avatar Name
Evening Beach Avatar Head (Arme, Lass)
Evening Beach Avatar Dress (Female Only)
Evening Beach Avatar Upper (Male Only)
Evening Beach Avatar Lower (Male Only)
Evening Beach Avatar Gloves (Arme, Lass)
Evening Beach Avatar Shoes (Arme, Lass)
Beach Dress (Female Only)
Beach Ring (Female Only)
Beach Anklet (Female Only)
Beach Tattoo (Male Only)
Beach Hip Sack (Male Only)
Beach Shade (Male Only)


Evening Beach Avatar and Accessories (Amy, Jin, Arme, and Lass)

Yep, That All For Me,

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