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[GCTH] Pre - Darkness Fall

Prepare for the lady of night!

1. Darkness Fall Pre-Event
Duration: 21/3/13 - 28/3/13

1.1. Limited Darkbringer sets sale

1.2. Pre-Event Mission

Player will receive "Ley Class 3 Pre - Event" at the first log-in. The mission is to collect 50 Familiar's Marble, which can be found in dungeons that are within +2/-2 level range.

The rewards are: 
- [Event] Ley Mission
- Lv.40 Epic Weapon
- Alternate Summoner avatar set (7 days)

If you already have Ley, the event mission scroll can be changed into either Darkbringer's or Darkness Fall's cash mission scroll.

Darkness Fall's silhouette emblem will give players 10% Atk/Def/Vit stats bonus in dungeons.

2. Flower Spirit Event
Duration: 21/3/13 - 4/4/13

2.1. Flower Festival Avatar Set

New avatar exclusively for this event.

2.2. Flower Festival Secret Box

Random box again. There are chances that you may get Choucring.

List of items in the box

Pet Choucring

2.3. Kate's First Love Mission

Complete the mission to learn about Kate's first love.

Mission 1 - Buy Kate's Badge 1 in Avatar Shop
Mission 2 - Defeat 50 monsters within +2/-2 level range.
Mission 3 - Collect 10 Gems
Mission 4 - Defeat 100 monsters within +2/-2 level range
Mission 5 - Buy Kate's Badge 2 in the shop
Mission 6 - Collect 10 Master Crystal
Mission 7 - Defeat 150 monsters within +2/-2 level range
Mission 8 - Craft Kate's Badge 3


2.4. Defeat the Bully

Collect 1 Rose Chocolate from him to complete the daily quest

Rose Chocolate

Mission Reward - This pinky random box

You can also donate extra Rose Chocolate obtained from the Bully to the cylinder in the park. Players will get Tulip Cookie as a reward per Rose Chocolate donated. 

Once the cylinder is full, all players who donate the chocolates are blessed with these one-hour buffs.

I. Chance of HP/MP/AP fully recovered upon using special active skills.
II. Random buff upon entering the dungeons. The buff will differ in each run.

II.1 - Atk/Def/Vit +5%
II.2 - Super Armor
II.3 - Critical + 100% (Imagine the OPness lol)
II.4 - MP Recovery +100%
II.5 - Super Jump

2.5. Free avatar

Players will receive Flower Festival Signboard (14 days) and Flower Festival avatar (21 days; choose one character) upon the first log-in during the event period.

2.6. Flower Spirit Attendance
Duration: 1/4/13 - 15/4/13

Enter the game everyday to obtain the prices.

That's all for this week.

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