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[Stories] Project: Scenario Mode

In Archemedia in the East of  - Kounat Civilization was brought up by combined races, A Dimension was opened and Creatures from Elyos poured out to the Land.
The Most Powerful magic that once ruled Ernas
(in the first Demon Invasion, The Burning Canyon Family dispatched their family member)
The Three Goddesses needed to close the dimension and thus entraping all of the  demons in Elyos.... Bardinar was in greed of all power and killed the Kounat King

[Will Soon start the changes in worldview of the Grand Chase Scenario Dungeons]

Scenario Mode start of Chronology -  
Mari Lived in Kounat
Edna and Ley
Zero's Birth
Lin's reincarnation
Seighart has been transformed into a Highlander
OutBreak of the Neverending War
Elesis, Lire, and Arme Created Grand Chase
The Tragedy of Ryan
The Massacre of the Silver Knights
Ronan and kazeAaze
the Secret Birth of Luxus
The Enlightenment of the Priestess Amy
The Purpose of Asin
Lime and The Holy Rouge Knights
Heitaros, Duel, and Astaroth's Story in Xenia

[The Order are subject to change]

Kounat Civilization: the 1st Sorcerer's War
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