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[News] Ley's 3rd Job: Darkness Fall Skill Spoilers

Hello Again!!! LEWLS!! so Ley's 3rd job: Darkness Fall has yet again has a Spoiler Leak from AdventZ just like how Zero's 4th Job: The Advancer was and yet here it is... ready???

Again, Leaks in Netmarble are going on and it includes Darkness Fall' Skill Spoilers...

some infos are of course a subject to change, but rest assured that they will be as precise as much as possible... ^^v


Summon Pet:

[Special] Haunt LVL1 : Ley calls upon the Powers of the Underworld and summons "Haunt".
[Special] Haunt LVL2 : Increased Damage than LVL1

"Haunt" Passive

[Upgrade] Haunt Movement Speed LVL1 : Increases Haunt's Movement Speed
[Upgrade] Haunt Movement Speed LVL2 : Increases Haunt's Movement Speed more than LVL1
[Upgrade] Haunt Stamina LVL1 : Increases Haunt's Stamina
[Upgrade] Haunt Stamina LVL2 : more effective than LVL1

"Haunt" Skills

[Upgrade] Statue : Petrification State
[Upgrade] Snatch : Captures enemies out of the battlefield in a certain period of time
[Upgrade] Rabies : Slows Enemies Movement Speed
[Upgrade] Bark : Mana reduction

Haunt Skill : Curse

[Upgrade] Curse: Dark Red Lv1 : Blinds and Decreases Defense
[Upgrade] Curse: Dark Red Lv2: Increased Duration

[Upgrade] Curse: Dark Green Lv1 : PVP - Jump reduction/ Dungeon - Damage reduction
[Upgrade] Curse: Dark Green Lv2 : Increased Duration

[Upgrade] Curse: Violet Lv1 : PVP - Curses enemies while attacking / Dungeon - Continues Damage
[Upgrade] Curse: Violet Lv2 : Increased Duration

[Upgrade] Sudden Death Lv1 : Summons monsters from underworld and homes enemies, dealing damage
[Upgrade] Sudden Death Lv2 : Increased Duration


[Special] Tick-Tock : Summons "Sebastian" Floating in the air and deals damage to enemies
[Special] Heavy : Slows Enemy Movements due to downfall of gravitational space
[Special] Firebird Splash : A buff


[Technique] Blockade: Summons "HandVine" to block enemies from coming closer
[Technique] Gray Zone: Jeeves will appear beside an enemy and deals damage in a certain period of time


[Upgrade] Combo reinforce : Increased Damage of Combo
[Upgrade] Combo Additional 1 : Increased Movement and hit in Combo - Curses and Reduces HP
[Upgrade] Combo Additional 2 : Increased Movement and hit in Combo - Restrict Enemy Movements occasionally
[Upgrade] Charging Attack Reinforcement 1: Increased Duration
[Upgrade] Charging Attack reinforcement 2: Increases HP
[Upgrade] Charging Attack Property 1: adds attack hit and controlling

Summoning Commands:
Various Combinations of XX can now easily summon different Monsters

Coming Very Soon...

Are you excited??

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