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[News] KoG Corp in Manila

Hi Guys!!.. For Philippine Players out there of Grand Chase.. Did you know that KoG is in Manila, Philippines right now...???.. well if you havent.. well THEY ARE!!. ahah

KOG Daegu is on Manila trying to plan, to create a branch in the Philippines. Daegu Korea in KOG thought of the passion, and how hardworking the Filipinos are, so they decided to perform actions in where they can now reach nearer and touch hearts of English-Speaking Countries including North America. KOG wants to hire Filipinos with great talent and passion for games, for KOG Games are increasing in popularity nationwide including Grand Chase, Elsword and Fighter's Club, soon KOG will release and develop more games overseas.

KOG Team Leader - Bae Yong Cheol "배용철" said - "Filipino Employees Provide better service, and proficieny in English-Speaking Countries, English-Speaking Players, and to better understand what they want and how they want it to be, and to better understand their culture".... "On Founding a Philippine Branch will be expanding and will soon gain a foothold"

Oh so how cool is that for Filipinos???
ahha Annyeong haseyo yeoreobeun!!..
Kamsahamnida~<3 p="">
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