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[NAGC] 02/14/13 Patch Notes

Hello ! Here's the patch notes for February 14, 2013. Enjoy ! :))

~~ Kireaji

Grand Chase Patch Notes


*Release of Zero's 3rd Job Vanisher (2/14~)

  -Vanisher Mission is now available in the shop for Cash and GP
  -Collect Vanisher's Wind Orb Fragment to complete his mission.
 A. Zero's Vanisher Emblem
  -Can be activated in both PvP and dungeons
  -Additional 30% EXP when played as Zero
  -Additional 30% EXP when playing along with Zero
  -The bonus EXP will not stack up to 60% when playing Zero with another Zero

*Room Scene Renewal & Changes (2/14~)

 A. 4 in a dungeon
  -Max. 4 players can enter a dungeon
  -Applies to all dungeons in game (regular/event/hero) except for the ones under special circumstances.

 B. Dungeon Difficulty
  -Players can select one of two different modes - Regular/Champion
  -In Champion Mode there is no option to select a difficulty
  -In Regular Mode you will not be able to change the mode to Champion Mode

*[Event] Zero's 2nd Coordi Set Package Sale (2/14~2/26)

 A. Vanisher's Coordi Package on sale
  -Vanisher Coordi + Weapon Set is available in Cash Shop. The package includes:
   [Skin] Vanisher Helm
   [Skin] Vanisher Upper Armor
   [Skin] Vanisher Lower Armor
   [Skin] Vanisher Gloves 
   [Skin] Vanisher Shoes
   [Skin] Vanisher Cloak
   Vanisher Grandark

 B. Zero's 2nd Coordi Doll on sale
  -Vanisher Mini Doll Chest is now available in the Cash Shop
  -Obtain a Vanisher Mini Doll (Coordi item, lower body accessory)

*[Event] Rita's First Love Story - Ancient Scroll Event (2/14~3/5)

  -Receive a piece of an ancient scroll each time you complete the mission.
  -Completed all missions to find out about Rita's first love story!

*[General] New Pet - Puff Creamy

 -Pet Puff Creamy Card can be obtained by participating in Flower Spirit Festival
 -New pet skill is available in the shop for Cash and GP
   Milk Bubbles (100 Times)
   Milk Bubbles (500 Times)

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #1 - Flower Spirit's Present (2/14~3/5)

 A. Park Decoration
  -Come visit the parks as they are all dressed up with the spirit of flowers!

 B. Special Items for FREE
  -Log into the game during the event period to receive FREE items:
   Flower Spirit Signboard
   Flower Spirit Festival Coordi Set Box

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #2 - Flower Spirit's Tower of Fortune (2/14~3/5)

 A. Event Monster - Festival Troublemaker
  -Event monsters appear in all dungeons except for Trial Forest and Trial Tower
  -Festival Troublemakers drop [Rose Chocolate] when defeated

 B. Flower Spirit Tower of Fortune
  -Visit the Park and trade 1 Rose Chocolate for 1 Tulip Cookie
  -Use the Flower Spirit Tower of Fortune in the Park to make the trade
  -Tulip Cookie is an Event Potion that recovers 30% HP/MP
  -All unused Rose Chocolate and Tulip Cookie will be deleted when the event is over

 C. Event Buffs
  -All buffs are only applied in dungeons

 1) Special Buff [Flower Spirit's Blessing ]
     - Once the amount is reached, the buff is active for 60 minutes
     - The Flower Spirit Blessing buff is divided into the [Basic Buff] and [Active Buff]s.
     - If when the buff ends, the collected amount is higher than the goal, the buff stays on
 2) Basic Buff
     - When using a special attack, HP/MP are randomly recovered 100%
 3) Active Buff
     - The buff can appear when moving through stages in the dungeons 
     - 2 buffs can't be active at the same time, and a new buff is applied at each stage 
     - Buffs are decided on set rate, and the same buff could be applied one after the other
 Types of Buff: 
  -All abilities increase by 5%  
  -Super Armor 
  -Critical Strike Chance 100% 
  -MP Recovery Speed + 100% 
  -Increase Jump Ability 

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #3 - Flower Spirit's Stamp (2/14~3/5)

 A. Log in consecutively during the event period for these additional rewards!
  Day 1 Refinery Scroll   
  Day 2 Refinery Protection Scroll  
  Day 3 Reinforcement Release Scroll   
  Day 4 Transmutation Scroll  
  Day 5 Seal Breaker Scroll   
  Day 6 Refinery Scroll   
  Day 7 Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll   
  Day 8 Special Reinforcement Release Scroll  
  Day 9 Premium Transmutation Scroll  
  Day 10 Premium Card Box   
  Day 11 Premium Card Package   
  Day 12 Special Card Box   
  Day 13 SP All Reset Card   
  Day 14 Skill Key  
  Day 15 Pet Puff Creamy Card   

 B. Register a mission when you confirm each stamp
  -Mission: Flower Spirit Festival - Get rid of the Troublemaker! 
  -Defeat the [Festival Troublemaker] in the dungeon and get 1 Rose Chocolate     
  -Receive a Flower Spirit's Present for successfully completing the mission.
  -A Flower Spirit's Present will randomly give you one of the following:
    Seal Breaker Scroll  
    GP Random Prop Reset Form  
    Socket Gem 
    Refinery Scroll  
    Special Refinery Scroll 
    Refinery Protection Scroll 
    Grade 7 Refinery Scroll  
    Grade 8 Refinery Scroll  
    Grade 9 Refinery Scroll 
    Grade 10 Refinery Scroll 
  -Any unopened Flower Spirit's Present will be deleted when the event is over

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #4 - Sale of Outfits (2/14~3/5)

 Flower Spirit Festival Coordi Set Box on sale
  -Each box contains Flower Spirit Festival helm, upper armor, lower armor, and shoes

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #5 - Flower Spirit's Mysterious Box (2/14~3/5)

 -Flower Spirit's Mysterious Box will be on sale during the event period
 -By opening the box you will randomly receive an item from the following list:
   Seal Breaker Scroll  
   SP All Reset Card  
   Skill Key  
   Pet Puff Creamy Card  
   Random Prop Reset Form   
   GP Random Prop Reset Form 
   Weapon Change Key

*[Event] Flower Spirit Festival #6 - All Couple Rings on Sale (2/14~3/12)

 -70% OFF for limited time!
  [Couples] Detailed Yellow Gold Ring Set 
  [Couples] Detailed Gold Ring Set 
  Valentine's Day Chocolate Rings 

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