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[IDGC] Valentine and Many More

Update Grand Chase 7 Februari 2013

Hey indonesia chaser , Im back, last week i didn't get the lv 70 Wing from the minigames T_T
Get Ready For the Update, lot of update this week xD

[New Event] 
  • New Dungeon : Karuel
  • New Gacha : Cordelia Gacha
  • Valentine Event because this is month is february xD
  • Login Event
  • Higher Level Reinforce : +17
  • Luna Pre event ( Rin 3rd Job)
  • New Avatar : Day Beach

New Dungeon : Karuel

 at last , this dungeon has come to Indonesian 

New Card
Sorry  Indonesian Language T_T
Image Keterangan
Guardian Spirit
Menambah EXP + 20%
Royal Elver Guard
Kemungkinan Fatal Attack + 3,58%
  Elite Elven Mage
Mengurangi kehilangan MP 20% ketika counter
Menyerap HP +1825
Defense +146

New Title :Elven Savior 

(Pada Level 85)
Attack +163
Defense +253
Vitality +253
Effect Batas HP Recovery dalam Dungeon +17%
Resistance Power terhadap serangan Abnormal +9%
Waktu unbeatable dalam arena +9%
Jumlah perolehan EXP +6%

New Gacha : Cordelia  Gacha

Valentine Event:

There so many event for valentine day this year, Check this out

1. What's Wrong With Litathis is minigame is so unique because this will tell us about Lita First Love
The Mission is:
Sorry , Indonesian Language , T_T

Lita First Love 1 Beli Lita's Badge 1 pada Avatar Shop seharga 0 Cash.
Lita First Love 2 Kalahkan 50 monster pada +2, -2 dari level karaktermu
Lita First Love 3 Kumpulkan 10 buah Gem. Gem dapat diperoleh di Shop.
Lita First Love 4 Kalahkan 100 monster pada +2, -2 dari level karaktermu
Lita First Love 5 Beli Lita's Badge 2 pada Shop di bagian Academy seharga 0 Cash.
Lita First Love 6 Kumpulkan 10 buah Enriched Bermesium. Dapat diperoleh dengan melakukan Dismantle pada Armor (Epic). Berhati-hati ketika melakukannya, ya!
Lita First Love 7 Kalahkan 150 monster pada +2, -2 dari level karaktermu
Lita First Love 8 Buat Lita Badge 3 dengan cara mengumpulkan 10 Bermesium, 5 Concentrated Bermesium dan 1 Enriched Bermesium lalu lakukan proses .

Ada Apa Dengan Lita (Legend)
Att/Def/Vitality +86

2. Lucky Tower
 Beat Bully and Get the Rose Chocolate


Rose Chocolate

Tulip Cookie

And if all of indonesia chaser  give the Rose Chocolate to the Lucky Tower Npc at Park until full,they will get a buff for 1 hour

Wanna Know the Buff is?  Check This Out
Standard Buff 100% HP/MP Recovery if do aSpecial Attack (10% possibility)
Random Buff 1 Att/Def/Vitality +5%
Random Buff 2 Super Armor
Random Buff 3 Fatal Attack Chance +100%
Random Buff 4 MP Recovery +100%
Random Buff 5 Super Jump

Login Event:
Login And Get  the following item

1.Flower Spirit Festival Signboard and Flower Spirit Festival Chest for 21 day
open the chest and get Flower Spirit Avatar  for 1 character

2.Flower Spirit Cap
Login at the following day's and get  the item bellow

and the grand prize's is Pet Choucring the Flower Spirit

3.Proof Of Hero
This Event back again ^o^

Proof of Hero
Login in At the Following day's to get the Proof of Hero!
Sorry Indonesia Language 
 Tanggal  Hari  Jumlah
7 Februari 2013  Kamis  1
8 Februari 2013  Jumat  2
9 Februari 2013  Sabtu  2
10 Februari 2013  Minggu  2
11 Februari 2013
 Senin  1
12 Februari 2013  Selasa  1
13 Februari 2013  Rabu  1
14 Februari 2013  Kamis  1
15 Februari 2013  Jumat  2
16 Februari 2013  Sabtu  2
17 Februari 2013  Minggu  2
18 Februari 2013  Senin  1
19 Februari 2013  Selasa  1
20 Februari 2013  Rabu  1

and if you have enough Proof of Hero , you can create this item bellow

Lime Mission Cash

Need 8  Proof of Hero
Necklace Present Box

Need  6  Proof of Hero

Luna Pre Event
Extra 30% Exp For Rin


Day Beach Avatar

Image Nama Avatar
Day Beach Avatar Head (Amy, Jin)
Day Beach Avatar Upper (Amy, Jin)
Day Beach Avatar Lower (Amy, Jin)
Day Beach Avatar Gloves (Amy, Jin)
Day Beach Avatar Shoes(Amy, Jin)

 So cool

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