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[IDGC] Artemis Pre Event And Rock-Scissor-Paper Event

Update Grand Chase 21 Februari 2013

Hei, Me again , This Week is  Is Artemis Pre Event and Rock-Scissor-Paper Event  for Indonesia Grand chase,, Check This Out Guys 

New Event
  • Artemis Pre Event
  • Rock-Scissor-Paper  MiniGame ( I Miss this Very Much)
Ongoing Event
  • All Valentine Event
Artemis Pre Event

If you Play a Dungeon , The NPC Transformed Rin (Shadow/Light) will help you with their Powerfull Skill's

Rock-Scissor-Paper Minigame


Nama Fungsi
Rock Wins against Scissors, Losses against Scissor
Scissor Wins against Paper, Losses against Stone
Paper Win against Stone, Losses against Scissors

  1. Challange Point :  coin increase each 10 minute  ;Re-Challange Point : coin if we lose against the boss we can replay again with that boss ;Clear Count :  the number we have win against the final bosses , the prize's increase if we beat the final bosses ;Point Recharge Time : The time to get the Challange Coin again
  2. Challange Button : Press it if wanna play the Mini game
  3. The Bosses  , If we has beat the bosses there will be X sign there
  4. The Reward we will get  if we beat certain  Bosses
  5. Shop: If we wanna buy the challange coin or Re-Challange Coin
The Grand Prize from this Mini game is  Planet Avatar Set

 See You Next Week  Sorry , Bad English T_T

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