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[GCTH] Twilight and Pre-Equinox

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day.

Update List


1. Dio's 4th Class - Twilight

Revamped Skill Tree

2. Drakar and Leviathan Limited Set Sale
Duration: 7/2/13 - 14/2/13

The limited sets are back to celebrate Twilight's arrival.

3. Black Ellian Accessories Sale
Duration: 7/2/13 - 21/2/13

These godly accessories are sold for two weeks.


14/2/13 (Valentine's Day of course)

1. Pre-Equinox Event
Duration: 14/2/13 - 21/2/13

Two packages are available. Choose which side's costume you like. Or buy them both if you have some cash left.

Collect Equinox coupon to craft both sides' avatar. But the fact is, they are only for demonstration; they last only a day. For Equinox cash mission, six coupons are required.

2. Moonlight Village Return
Duration: 14/2/13 - 28/2/13

The event dungeon is back for two weeks.

3. Valentine's Day Event
Duration: 7/2/13 - 14/3/13
(Yes, I know it started on Feb 7th, but I want to put it here since today is Valentine's Day.)

You simply have to be a couple for 30 days or more at the end of the event, and then the rewards will be yours and your lover!

That's all for the previous weeks.

Ps. I hope it will be a class combo update.
(Rin's 2nd to 4th without any fillers, or maybe Zero's 3rd in between.)

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