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[GCTH] Monster Train 301 Returns and Pre-Twilight

I have good news and bad news.

Update List


1. Monster Train 301 Returns
Duration: 24/1/13 - 7/2/13

Monster Train 301 is back for two weeks. Collect any valuable prices you're able to.

New armors for Asin and Lime

2. Raccoon Tornado

Duration: 24/1/13 - 7/2/13

Test your luck with Raccoon Tornado. Get 3 same pictures to win the prize.

Reward List:

Some of the new cards:

3. Black Ellia Ring Sale
Duration: 24/1/13 - 31/1/13

The legendary ring is now on sold for a week. Miss this chance; the wait will be forever.



1. Pre-Twilight Event
Duration: 31/1/13 - 14/2/13

Many Dio Packages are sold within the event period.

Twilight/Darkset Avatar

Skill Tree

Dio All-In-One

Both Diabolic and Weapon Force final skills will be given to players to demonstrate Twilight's ultimate power.

Also free next class mission scroll for all classes. 
(Example: If you are Drakar, you'll get Leviathan mission scroll.)

That's all for the previous weeks.

Now for the poster.

Thank you GMs for such a very nice picture.

And about the good and bad news:

Good news: 
The update schedule during this first quarter will focus mainly on new classes and dungeons.

Bad news:

Face-Off has been indefinitely postponed.

Thank you for your attention.

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