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[GCTH] Equinox and Theion

Rin's new classes :3


1. Rin's 2nd Class - Equinox

Rin's 2nd class is now available. Choose between the power of light and darkness!

2. Sirius Redux
Duration: 21/2/13 - 6/3/13

3. Unlimited Hero
Duration: 21/2/13 - 6/3/13

Unlimited clear of The Shrine of Ruins and Hell's Furnace.


1. Rin's 3rd Class - Theion

She got a wing and a tattoo.

2. Theion's Accessories Sale
Duration: 28/2/13 - 6/3/13

The limited accessories of Theion will be sold during the event period.

3. 100,000 Like Thank You Event
Duration: 28/2/13 - 6/3/13

Get free items at the first log-in each day.

Also a chance of winning some gaming gears :3

That's all for the previous weeks.

(Next week is Pre-Vanisher as I recall...)

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