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[GCPH] Pre - Mirror of Illusions & G-Point System

Pre-Mirror of Illusions & G-Point System

Pre – Mirror of Illusions Emblem Event

Duration: February 26 ~ March 5 (before maintenance)

• An additional buff will be given to your characters during dungeon runs whenever the Mirror of Illusions   Emblem will show up.
o Attack, Defense, Vitality: 10%

Pre – Mirror of Illusions Letter Event
Duration: February 26 ~ March 5 (before maintenance)
• Collect letter items of the new dungeon.
• You can get these letters from Boss Monsters in Atum and Archemedia continents under Very Hard & Champion Mode.

• If you collected all letters “ILLUSION”, you will be able to craft Phantom Phoenix’s Armor Box (random) via Crafting System.

• The Phantom Phoenix’s Armor Box will be deleted at the end of the event duration.

New System: G-Point System
Duration: February 26
• A new system will be implemented in-game: G-Point Shop System.
How to get G-Point:

• You cannot get 5 G-Points on your first log-in once a day if you just recently joined a guild on that same day.
• You cannot get 50 G-Points on days where you are not included in a guild.
• Your accumulated G-Point quantity will be equal to your guild contribution.
• G-Points are used to level up your guild.
• To get benefits, your guild should meet the necessary level and you should meet the necessary contribution  points:

• A Guild Store will be opened in the Guild Park.
• It is near the Guild Board.
• This will only be opened and seen when your guild reached level 2.

• You can only use the Guild Store Tab one time per day.
o A guild member can only purchase from each tab once per day.
o Can only be used when the guild has reached level 2.
o You can use this upon reaching the necessary member contribution even if a guild level has not been met.

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