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[GCKR] 02.21.2013 Patch Notes - Darkness Fall Update

[New Event]
- Ley's Equipment Drop Event (Feb 21 ~ Mar 7)
- Bloody Darkness Fall Coordi-Package Sale (Feb 21 ~ Mar 7)
- Midnight Darkness Fall Coordi-Package Sale (Feb 21 ~ Mar 7)
- Midnight Darkness Fall Accessory Coordi-Package Sale (Feb 21 ~ Mar 7)

[Ongoing events]
-Valentine's Event


~ Gameplay ~


~ About ~
On ley's 3rd Job, Darkness Falls she inherits more varieties of Curses, Including an upgrade to her normal combo that paralyzes and restricts enemy movements occasionally, having a charging attack that heals herself and at the same time confusing enemies when hit, She now has a new summon - called "Haunt" which is a witch-like creature that holds a lantern that curses enemies in varieties of ways with a color specifications namely Dark-Red which Blinds enemies and decreases their defense, Dark-Green which jump reduction, and Violet which curses enemies and damages their HP when hitting the "Z" button. and another called Sudden death that is inflicted to enemies on Haunt's Summoning process which is shown as the scythe circling in an enemy. In her Advancement Gargoyle and Bastion Mary has Upgrades too which makes them Stronger... Gargoyle can now freeze the field using his Ice Breath, Dark Breath that creates a shadow field, and Fire Breath that creates a flame field as well as his petrification state that slows enemies around him, also on Bastion Mary that can slow enemies and inflict great damage. With some varieties of Skills she can summon Dio's Butler - Sebastian and Jeeves to inflict great damage. 

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