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[Event] AdventZ Anniversary Raffle Draw Livestream and Video...


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1. mrclhorenz
2. mrclhorenz
3. nestle12
4. nestle12
5. rAzOr28
6. rAzOr28
7. athran9
8. athran9
9. jeffrey.almene
10. jeffrey.almene
11. Kilwa2012
12. mrclhorenz
13. Zypherinth
14. Zypherinth
15. MioSoulZ
16. MioSoulZ
17. ExLeiron
18. ExLeiron
19. Randomizer
20. Randomizer
21. Randomizer
22. Randomizer
23. akaoishi
24. akaoishi
25. jdale56
26. jdale56.
27. Kiiim
28. Kiiim
29. mrclhorenz
30. athran9
31. athran9
32. jdm023
33. Zypherinth
34. Zypherinth
35. mrclhorenz
36. mrclhorenz
37. athran9
38. ExLeiron
39. mrclhorenz
40. athran9
41. athran9
42. athran9
43. rAzOr28
44. rAzOr28
45. Tigerfang
46. Tigerfang
47. mrclhorenz
48. mrclhorenz
49. athran9
50. athran9
51. mrclhorenz
52. mrclhorenz
53. ExLeiron
54. ExLeiron
55. nikko32
56. kiiim
58. rAzOr28
59. Shadrack
60. mrclhorenz
61. GCers0123
62. Knightmare65
63. Ultears
64. jdale56
65. iBlackshoTZ
66. nestle12
67. Randomizer
68. jdm023
69. mrclhorenz
70. athran9
71. tetzuga
72. jdm023
74. mrclhorenz
75. tetzuga
76. jdm023
77. Ultears
79. athran9
80. jdale56
81. jdale56
82. jdale56
83. jdale56
84. jdale56
85. jdale56
86. charmsprite
87. Howl
88. Zypherinth
89. MioSoulZ
90. Thrmo
91. Snail
92. jdm023
93. Ultears
94. mrclhorenz
95. YeulChan
96. MakoBec
97. Seraphee
98. Unknown
99. Randomizer
100. grebnesor

AdventZ Anniversary Raffle

AdventZ is going to its 1st Anniversary of existence and as a celebration to your undying support over AdventZ and still going strong, we are proud to announce that we will hold a raffle event just for you to feel the joy and join in the fun as you win prizes to our events.


-From February 14 ~ February 16 (3 days) we will hold mini games for followers to have a chance to win slots for the AdventZ Anniversary raffle and chances to win free in-game credits in terms of "LEVEL-UP LOAD".
A total of 100 slots will be given away on mini-games in the event period, of course the more slots you obtain, the more chances of winning.
After gathering slots from February 14 ~ February 16, the entries will be drawn February 17, sunday 6:00pm (GMT +8, PST)

Draw Rewards:
300php lu load/3000 cash points = 1st place
100php lu load/1000 cash points = 2nd place
50php lu load/500 cash points = 3rd place
and 5 lucky winners will recieve 20php lu load/200 cash points as consolation prizes.

-The forum names of the entries will be shuffled first to expel the normal order of the entries. The Final order of the entries will be posted in the blog.
-The draw will be shown "live" via livestream, to ensure that everyone will witness the draw. The livestream video will be embed in the blog and will be recorded and upload it via YouTube.
-The entries will be randomly drawn via Fruit Machine.
-First winner will be drawn and will take the 3rd place and 50php lu load/500 cash points.
-Second winner will be drawn, and will take the 2nd place and 100php lu load/1000 cash points.
-Third winner will be drawn, and will take 1st place and 300 lu load/3000 cash points.
-5 winners will be drawn one after another after the draw of the 1st place winner and will win 20php lu load/200 cash points each.

-One player can only win ONCE.
-Rewards will be sent via "private message" in the AdventZ forums.
-Forum name change will be disabled during the event period.
-The Forum name will be the basis of your entry.
-Event exclusively for Grand Chase philippines players only.
-All players must have a forum name and account of the AdventZ forums.
-Standard name basis is on GCPH

In Cooperation with Howl, and Sponsors:
GC Oatmeal, Thrmo, Yuka, CharmSprite, Happiny, Kireaji, Yeul, Unknown, Makobec.

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