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[NAGC] Dusk Bringer Packages Extended Sale!

Hello guys! It's me, ♥ Kireaji (//_^).

This special sale has been extended in celebration of Dusk Bringer's release! Take advantage of these special limited time packages for two more weeks!

  • WHEN:JAN. 16, 2013 ~ JAN. 29, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Special packages for Dio are on extended sale!

Dio's All-In-One Package 
Dio Mission

[Cash] Drakar Mission

[Cash] Leviathan Mission

[Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission

SP All Reset Card (1)

Dusk Bringer Limited Coordi Package 

Dusk Bringer Coordi Set

[Skin] Dusk Bringer Cloak

Dusk Bringer Soul Reaver

Dusk Bringer's Shadow Card

Nightfall Limited Coordi Package 

Nightfall Coordi Set

[Skin] Nightfall Cloak

Nightfall Soul Reaver

Dusk Bringer's Shadow Card

Be sure to also take advantage of Dio's Blue Drakar and Leviatha's Rage Coordi Packages!
Blue Drakar Coordi Package 

Blue Drakar Coordi Set

[Skin] Blue Drakar Cloak

Leviathan's Rage Coordi Package 
Leviatha's Rage Coordi Set
[Skin] Leviathan's Rage Cloak

Only want the Dusk Bringer mission? It's available now in the Shop!
[Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission 


Madeleine's Maid for Her and Wait for Him are now available as Coordi sets! Permanent versions of these items are available for a limited time!

  • WHEN:JAN. 16, 2013 ~ JAN. 29, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Permanent versions of the Housekeeping Coordi items are on sale for a limited time!


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