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[NAGC] Coming Soon… Angry Bosses and more!

Coming Soon…

He is biding his time…

  • WHEN:JAN. 30, 2013 ~ FEB. 12, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Collect Zero’s Burning Soul for a chance to acquire an [Event] Zero Mission or [Event] Seeker Mission!

    Zero’s Burning Soul drops from dungeons within the character’s level. Play with Zero for better drop rates!

    Forge the Zero’s Burning Soul into a Zero’s Gift Box
    *Randomly Contains: [Event] Zero Mission, [Event] Seeker Mission, Zero’s Energy Potion 
    *Zero’s Energy Potion when used will give you Super Armor for a short duration

The Bosses are Angry… Again!

After their initial defeat during last year’s event, the bosses went back quietly to prepare for the next event. They’re back again and ready to unleash their angry once more on the players! The Angry Bosses dungeon is now open on Archimedia!

  • WHEN:JAN. 30, 2013 ~ FEB. 26, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Find the Angry Bosses Event Dungeon on Archimedia! Clear the special event mission and receive a special reward! Keep in mind; you must have an [Angry Bosses] Entry Ticket in your inventory to play this dungeon!
Check your Mailbox for the following: 
[Angry Bosses] Entry Ticket
[Angry Bosses] Character Mission 

Mission Reward:
[Angry Bosses] Character Mission Box
Contents of the [Angry Bosses] Character Mission Box
[Cash] Ronan Mission [Cash] Lass Mission 
[Cash] Ryan Mission 
[Cash] Jin Mission 
[Cash] Amy Mission 
[Cash] Sieghart Mission 
[Cash] Mari Mission 
[Cash] Dio Mission 
[Cash] Zero Mission 
[Cash] Ley Mission 
[Cash] Rufus Mission 
[Cash] Asin Mission 
[Cash] Lime Mission 

For each boss you defeat, you will receive a Hero’s Bullion. Defeat Duell and you will have a chance to acquire Eclipse or Transcendence!
*Eclipse and Transcendence are now Level 75 Epics
*Forge the 2 swords for a Level 80 Relic Eclipse & Transcendence

Honor Guard Now Open

  • WHEN:JAN. 30, 2013 ~ FEB. 12, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Honor Guard is now open! Make a room in PVP and select Honor Guard as the mode! Additional 30% EXP will be given for participating!

Chester’s Card Fusion System is Back!

Chester is back will his Card Fusion System! Take your existing Monster Cards and fuse them together to create even more powerful Monster Cards!

  • WHEN:JAN. 30, 2013 ~ FEB. 12, 2013 10 PM PST
Kireaji (//_^)♥
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