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[NAGC] Bring in 2013, Aboard the 301!

Hello everyone!
~~ Kireaji

Make a Wish for 2013!

Sieghart, Mari, Dio, and Zero will be waiting for you inside the Park to grant you a very special wish for 2013! Collect Wishing Amulets by running dungeons and then donate them to your favorite character! The character who gets the most will reward you with a special buff reward after maintenance 1/15!

  • WHEN:JAN. 04, 2013 ~JAN. 15, 2013 10 PM PST

  • WHAT:Run dungeons and collect Wishing Amulets. Donate them to your favorite character inside the Park towards a special buff event to be held after maintenance 1/15.

Ride the Train into Hell!

Monster Train 301 has taken an unexpected detour into the darkest depths of Hell! Check your Mailbox every day for your Monster 301 Single Passenger Tickets and ride into Hell! Just remember that your potions, Bonus Recharges, and Natal Rings will not work in Hell Mode.

  • WHEN:JAN. 04, 2013 ~JAN. 29, 2013 10 PM PST
    (Hell Mode opens after maintenance on 1/15)

  • WHAT:Take a ride on the Monster Train for some great prizes! Your potions, Bonus Recharges, and Natal Rings will NOT work in Hell Mode!

Check Your Mailbox Daily: 
Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket (3) 
How to Play: 
1. You must have a Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket in order to create a room in the Monster Train 301 dungeon. 
2. You must have a Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket in order to activate the Hidden Stage (only the room's Host needs one). 
3. Monster Train 301 Ticket Stubs will drop from dungeons if you run at a level range appropriate for your character (if you run a dungeon at too low of a difficulty level, you won't get any ticket stubs). 
4. PvP, Archimedia, Archimedia have no level restrictions.

Need more Monster Train 301 tickets? Forge 'em!
Stub 1 (1)

Stub 2 (1)

Stub3 (1)

Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket (1)
Forge 2 like stubs together to create a Monster Train 301 Ticket Stub Chest! Open up the Monster Train 301 Ticket Stub Chest and select the Ticket Stub you need!

Basic Rewards (chance drops): 

HP Potion (L)

Mystery Potion (L)

Ellia's Precious Pearl

Xenia's Precious Pearl

Silver Land's Precious Pearl

Archimedia's Precious Pearl

Alcubra's Precious Pearl

New Silver Land Monster Card Box

Archimedia Monster Card Box

New Ellia Monster Card Box

New Xenia Monster Card Box

Special Rewards (chance drop): 
Reinforcement Stone

Reinforcement Stone Chest

Reinforcement Stone Chest

Refinery Protection Scroll

Reinforcement Release Scroll

Grade 10 Refinery Scroll

Grade 11 Refinery Scroll

Grade 12 Refinery Scroll

Grade 13 Refinery Scroll

Grade 14 Refinery Scroll

Grade 15 Refinery Scroll

Monster Train Rewards (chance drop):

Monster Train

Monster Train Security Personnel


Casey Bones

Epic Death Furnace 301

Relic Death Furnace 301

Pet Casey Bones Card

[Upgrade] Ghoul Train Attack

[Lv 30] Attendant's Uniform Chest

[Lv 50] Attendant's Uniform Chest

[Lv 70] Attendant's Uniform Chest

[Lv 30] Attendant’s Accessories Chest

[Lv 50] Attendant’s Accessories Chest

[Lv 70] Attendant’s Accessories Chest

Attendant’s Uniform Chest Coupon

Attendant's Accessories Chest Coupon

Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket

Underworld Conductor
(Only in Hell Mode)
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