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[NAGC] 1/3/13 – Patch Note Preview!

Reposted from [GM] Artemis' blog post in theOfficial NAGC Blog

1/3/13 – Patch Note Preview!

Happy New Year, Chasers!

While the blog is still technically on hiatus, we have a major patch going in today and we wanted to make sure to provide you your patch note preview so you’d be prepared for what’s on the way! We’ve also scooped up a teaser image for you as a bonus! Let’s make 2013 the best year in Grand Chase yet!

Patch Note Preview

Please note that these are not complete or final patch notes, and content may vary once the patch is liveAll events are scheduled to last until 1/15 unless otherwise noted.

[Event Dungeon] Monster Train 301 Encore (1/4~1/29)

  • Monster Train 301 has made a return trip!
  • Log on every day to receive 3 Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Tickets in the Mailbox
  • Dungeon will be available in 4 difficulty levels
  • Normal, Hard, and Expert are available starting 1/4
  • Hell Mode will be available starting 1/15
  • Must have a [Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket] to create a room
  • To access the hidden stage, the host of the room must have [Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket]; other party members do not need one
  • How to acquire Tickets
    • [Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket]
      • Receive 3 once per day when you login
      • Ticket Stub 1/2/3 drop from all dungeons (except Trial Forest/Trial Tower)
      • Dungeons must be run within character’s level range
      • PvP/Archimedia/Alcubra have no level restrictions
      • Forge Ticket Stubs to create a complete ticket
      • You may also forge 2 of the same stub to create a [Monster Train 301 Ticket Stubs Chest]. Each contains a random stub (1, 2, or 3)
    • [Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket] – Golden Ticket
      • Hunt down a Gold Slime; they randomly appear in dungeons
      • Tickets will also be available by logging in on weekends
      • Mark your calendar to get free Golden Tickets on 1/5, 1/6, 1/12, 1/13, 1/19, 1/20, and 1/26!
  • Hell Mode
    • Available starting 1/15
    • Cannot use potions
    • Cannot use Bonus Recharge or Natal Rings when a character dies
    • The Underworld Conductor Crest has a chance of dropping from this mode
  • Rewards & Items
    • Basic Rewards
    • Special Rewards
      • Reinforcement Stone
      • Reinforcement Stone Chest
      • Refinery Protection Scroll
      • Premium Transmutation Scroll
      • Reinforcement Release Scroll
      • Grade 10-15 Refinery Scrolls
    • Monster Train Rewards
      • [Card] Mournful Passenger
      • [Card] Monster Train Attendant
      • [Card] Monster Train Security Personnel
      • [Card] Escaped Prisoner
      • [Card] Casey Bones
      • [Card] Epic Death Furnace 301
      • [Card] Relic Death Furnace 301
      • [Pet] Casey Bones Card
      • [Upgrade] Ghoul Train Attack
      • [Lv 30] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
      • [Lv 50] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
      • [Lv 70] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
      • [Lv 30] Attendant’s Accessory Chest
      • [Lv 50] Attendant’s Accessory Chest
      • [Lv 70] Attendant’s Accessory Chest
      • Attendant’s Uniform Chest Coupon
      • Attendant’s Accessory Chest Coupon
      • Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket
      • [Crest] Underworld Conductor (Hell Mode only)
    • Attendant’s Uniform/Accessory Chest Coupons may be used in the Forge to craft pieces of the set; the following table shows how many coupons are needed to craft each item
    • For more information on the set bonuses for the Attendant’s Armor & Accessories, please see the following image
    • When the event ends (1/29), the following items will be removed from player inventory and mailboxes
      • Monster Train 301 Single Passenger Ticket
      • Monster Train 301 Ticket Stub 1/2/3
      • Monster Train 301 Ticket Stub Chest
      • Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket
      • Attendant’s Uniform Chest Coupon
      • Attendant’s Accessory Chest Coupon

[Event] New Year’s Wishing Amulet

  • Wishing Amulets will randomly drop off of monsters in dungeons
  • Give the Amulets to the NPC of your choice in the Park for special buffs!
  • Giving 1-5 Amulets to one NPC will provide a better buff
    • Sieghart will give you a bonus to your stats in dungeons
    • Mari will increase your monster card drop rate
    • Dio will give you a bonus to EXP earned in dungeons
    • Zero will give you a bonus to EXP earned in PvP
  • Wishing Amulets in your inventory will disappear on 1/15

[Event] Dio’s Dusk Bringer Pre-Event

  • The following items will be sent to your mailbox after your first login during the event
    • 10x [The Strongest Weapon Summoning Scroll]
    • 10x [The Strongest Demon Summoning Scroll]
  • You can receive additional Weapon or Demon Summoning Scrolls by completing dungeons
    • Note that these do not drop in Trial Forest, Trial Tower, or PvP matches
  • All players will receive a 20% EXP boost when playing as Dio in any game mode
  • Drop rates for Dio’s GP Mission have been increased

[Event] Lucky Gacha Fortune

  • Receive 1 SB Gacha Fortune Ticket when you log in
  • Lucky Gacha Fortune Event can be found in the Mini Game tab
  • Select the character you wish to acquire rewards for
  • Use your mouse to “scratch” the ticket
  • 1 SB Gacha Fortune Ticket will be used per scratch
  • If all 3 reward images are the same, you win that reward!
  • If at least 1 reward image does not match, you will receive a Shattered Dreams Token
  • 50 Shattered Dreams Tokens can be forged to create [Wings of Shattered Dreams]
    • These items are per character
    • Level 50 Epic Grade
    • Selectable Props
  • Possible Rewards
    • Full Keter Set (Armor, Accessories, Pet)
    • Keter Armor Set
    • Pet Keter Card
    • Keter Armor by individual parts
    • Keter Accessories by individual parts
  • Extra SB Gacha Fortune Tickets can be purchased in the Shop

[Event] Seal Breaker Gacha Weekend

  • Quantity of Seal Breaker Scrolls consumed will be temporarily reduced
  • Weekend only event – reduction applies during the following times
    • 1/4 12:01AM PST – 1/6 11:59PM PST
    • 1/11 12:01AM PST – 1/13 11:59PM PST

[Cash] Dio’s Pre-Event Package Sale

  • Dio’s All-in-One Package available for 27,000RP
    • Includes
      • [Cash] Dio Mission
      • [Cash] Drakar Mission
      • [Cash] Leviathan Mission
      • [Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission (Can be used after 1/15)
      • SP All Reset Card
  • Dusk Bringer Limited Coordi Package available for 11,200RP
    • Includes
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Helm
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Upper Armor
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Lower Armor
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Gloves
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Shoes
      • [Skin] Dusk Bringer Cloak
      • [Card] Dusk Bringer’s Shadow
        • Level 70 Relic Grade Monster Card
        • +259 Special Attack
      • [Weapon] Dusk Bringer Soul Reaver
        • Level 60 Epic
  • Nightfall Limited Coordi Package available for 11,200RP
    • Includes
      • [Skin] Nightfall Helm
      • [Skin] Nightfall Upper Armor
      • [Skin] Nightfall Lower Armor
      • [Skin] Nightfall Gloves
      • [Skin] Nightfall Shoes
      • [Skin] Nightfall Cloak
      • [Card] Dusk Bringer’s Shadow
        • Level 70 Relic Grade Monster Card
        • +259 Special Attack
      • [Weapon] Nightfall Soul Reaver
That’s all for these notes, Knights! Enjoy the patch, and Happy New Year!
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