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[NAGC] 01/30/13 Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes


* Zero's Third Job: Vanisher (Pre-event) (1/30 ~ 2/12)

 - Collect Zero's Burning Soul from dungeons within your level range.
 - Burning Souls drop more frequently when playing as Zero.
 - Use Burning Souls in the forge to create Zero's Gift Box.
 - All remaining souls and gift boxes will be removed at the end of the event (2/12).

* Event Dungeon: Angry Bosses! (1/30 ~ 2/26)

 - Receive an Angry Bosses Mission scroll and Entry Ticket upon first log-in.
 - Purchase additional Angry Bosses Entry Tickets using GP in the Shop (up to 3 per day).
 - Collect both Eclipse and Transcendence for each character and use the forge to combine these two legendary weapons together.

* PvP Event: Honor Guard (1/30 ~ 2/12)
 - New mode "Honor Guard" is now available as a PvP mode.
 - Requires at least 4 players to start the game.
 - Protect your teams Warlord while attempting to defeat the Warlord of the opposing team.
 - Receive bonus xp in Honor Guard mode during this event.

* Encore Seal Breaker Gacha: Storm Bringer (1/30 ~ )
 - The Storm Bringer set is now available in Seal Breaker Gacha for a limited time.
 - The set has been expanded to include all new characters introduced since its original release.
 - Unlock the full set and receive Gacha exclusive pet Ariel.

* Event: Chester’s Card Fusion System (1/30 ~ 2/12)

 - Chester’s Card Fusion system is now available for a limited time.
 - Use the fusion system to combine monster cards together for a chance to create rare and more powerful ones.
 - Special and Premium card boxes are available in the shop that contain brand new never released cards.

* Event: Vip Rewards! (1/30 ~ 2/12)
 - Spend a qualifying amount of cash points during this event to be eligible for real-time rewards.
 - Check the in game Vip rewards menu for current Tier and rewards information.


 - Premium Card 2nd Edition Pack (All)
 - Special Card 2nd Edition Pack (All)
 - Aquarius the Water Bearer Anklet (All)
 - Call of the Wind (500 Times)


 - [Angry Bosses] Event Ticket (all)
 - Call of the Wind (100 Times)


 - Rin’s Skill has been updated to more closely resemble the format used by all other characters.
 - Zeros skill Tree has been reset for all players (It will be reset once again upon Zeros third job release).

Kireaji ♥
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