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[NAGC] 01/15/13 Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes


* [Event] Dio's 4th Job: The Dusk Bringer
 - Dio's 4th job mission is now available in the GC shop.
 - Get a Dio the Destroyer accessory in the mailbox for the character of your choice. (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Due to significant changes to Dios skill tree, all players have had their skill trees reset.

* [Event] Forge Monster Train Attendant's Uniforms (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Monster Train 301 can now be run in Hell difficulty.
 - Receive a new mission "Hell Mode Beckons!" by mail.
 - New rewards and forge recipes have been added obtainable only in Hell Mode.

* [Event] Make a Wish for 2013 reward event (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Reward buffs have been applied for the next two weeks.
    - 10% to All Stats in Dungeons
    - 4x Monster Card Drop Rate
    - 30% EXP in Dungeons
    - 30% EXP in PVP

* [PvP] Royal Knights Tournament Training (1/16 ~ 1/29).
 - PvP stats on Gorgos and Gaikoz will be normalized during this event.
 - Everyone's stats will become normalized and props won't be applied.
 - Top 6 ranking players will have statues placed in their honor inside the Park.
 - Statues will be based on the character they used most to attain winning rank.

* [Cash] Dusk Bringer Packages extended sale (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Dusk Bringer Packages availability has been extended for two weeks.
    - Dio's All-In-One Package
      - [Cash] Dio Mission
      - [Cash] Drakar Mission
      - [Cash] Leviathan Mission
      - [Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission
      - SP All Reset Card (1)
    - Dusk Bringer Limited Coordi Package
      - Dusk Bringer Coordi Set
      - Dusk Bringer Cloak
      - Dusk Bringer Soul Reaver
      - Dusk Bringer Shadow Card
    - Nightfall Limited Coordi Package
      - Nightfall Coordi Set
      - Nightfall Cloak
      - Nightfall Soul Reaver
      - Dusk Bringer Shadow Card

* [Cash] Dio's 2nd and 3rd job Coordi Set packages sale (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Dio's 2nd and 3rd job Coordi Set packages are now available in the shop for a limited time.
    - Blue Drakar Coordi Package
      - Blue Drakar Coordi Set
      - Blue Drakar Cloak
    - Leviathan's Rage Coordi Package
      - Leviathan's Rage Coordi Set
      - Leviathan's Rage Cloak

* [Cash] Housekeeping Coordi Packages sale (1/16 ~ 1/29)
 - Permanent and 7-day timed versions of the Maid for Her/Wait for Him items are now available in the Coordishop.
 - Permanent versions will be no longer be available for purchase after 2 weeks.

 - [Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission (Dio)
 - Blue Drakar Coordi Package (Dio)
 - Leviathan's Rage Coordi Package (Dio)
 - Housekeeping Coordi set (All)

 - Dusk Bringer Mission (Dio)

(//_^) Kireaji

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