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[IDGC] Rin 2nd Job Update : Selene

Update Grand Chase 31 Januari 2012

Hey, Im back,
This week Rin has acquired her 2nd Job : Selene
Okay, to know all  indonesian GC update's check this out

[New Event]
  • Rin 2nd Job Update :Selene (+30% Exp For Rin at any dungeon and pvp)
  • Weapon Change System
  • New Item : Aquarius Anklet
[Ongoing Event]
  • Water Ballon Mini Game
Rin 2nd Job Mission now available at shop

Selene Mission (Cash)

Selene Mission (GP)

 Rin 2nd Job Mission Sorry Indonesian Language:
Selene Mission (Cash) Selene Mission (GP)

New System:Weapon Change System i have wait this for so long :

Weapon Change Mission now Avaiable at Shop

Weapon Change Mission

 And the mission is wonderfull
Minimum Level: Level 45
-Mission:Kill 1000 Monster (-3 or +3 your level)

and you can buy with cash too but little expensive
Weapon Change Slot Key

New Item : Aquarius Anklet (sale at 31 Jan 2013 until 7 Feb 2013)

Aquarius Anklet

  Haha, That all This Week, See You Next Week

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