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[GCTH] Lime!

Update List:

1. Pre-Lime Event
2. Dice Board Event

1. 17th character - Lime
2. Ariel Gacha Redux

Pre-Lime Event
Duration: 10/1 - 17/1

Since Pre-Lime Event was ended I won't explain it much. You simply need to collect 7 Lime Dolls (obtained from daily mission), then from 17/1 to 24/1 you can trade it for Lime's Mission Scroll (Cash) and 7-day Bernia Avatar Set.

Dice Board Event
Duration: 10/1 - 24/1

The highest reward is Demon Wing.

And also rewards along the way.

17th character Lime!

The Holy Knight is here!

Ariel Gacha Redux
Duration: 17/1 - 31/1

There are also Lime's Armor set sale but I won't go in any detail about that (basically her dark and cream sets.)

That's all for the past weeks.

Next week...

PS. Lime Fanart is out. Check it here.

PS2. My Ryan is finally 85. Yeah~~♪ 
Now I can begin collecting Phantom Phoenix Set for crafting Legend Berkas Set.

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