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[GCTH] Happy New Year!

I know this is quite late, but still, happy new year!

Update List


1. 6th Achemedia Dungeon - Karuel

2. Blitzchen Event (27/12/12 - 10/1/13)

Two types of box give you two types of Blitzchen.

The black one randomly gives you one of the following:

Collect four mini Blitzchens to craft the original/vermilion one by using Mari's Lab.

The brown box randomly gives you the following items:

Blitzchen Avatar Set

3 original Blitzchen can be crafted into the vermilion Blitzchen, which recovers AP.

3. Happy New Year Event (27/12/12 - 3/1/13)

Free Pass Ticket will be given to everyone. Now you can enter any dungeons and also entering champion mode without using tickets.

EXP Bonus + 50%, Item/Card Drop + 30%


1. Cownat Magic Stone Event (3/1/13 - 17/1/13)

Collect Ancient Magic Stone or Cownat Magic Stone to obtain rewards.

Each reward has different prices. Once the counter reaches zero by using any types of the stone, the reward will be yours.

But Cownat Magic Stone has special ability, it can randomly set the counter to zero immediately, thus you can get reward with lower price.

However, once the reward is obtained, its price will raise for 10%.

2. Lucky Charm (3/1/13 - 17/1/13)

Upon clearing dungeons, you may receive Lucky Charm, give it to characters that you like to win the bonus.

Sieghart's Bonus - When playing in dungeons, attack, defense, and vitality increase
Mari's Bonus - Increase card drop rate
Dio's Bonus - Exp Bonus from dungeon
Zero's Bonus - Exp Bonus from PVP
Ley's Bonus - Decrease the price of items in Heroes' Shop

The bonus effect will last for one week (17/1 - 24/1)

That's all for the previous weeks.

Coming soon:
1. Lime
2. Face-Off
3. Twilight
4. Berkas's Lair

All images are credited to the main website.

Except this one, I made a wallpaper of GC and Elsword crossing over. It ended up quite well , but I must apologize for the Elsword side's low quality. I tried searching for the background that had high quality but there was none. If you have, or found one, please share it! ^ ^

Yes, that's my username on Deviantart. I don't actually draw anything since I'm not good at art. But I have to register or else I can't see tHat TYPE of images.

(Hidden message inserted.)

And thank for the past year that I have been an author for this blog. I'm really happy to be a part of this community.

Happy New Year!

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